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With All The Covid Data Being Thrown At Us, How Do We Know What’s True?

As I talk to more people about Covid-19, the Poison Death Shot and how our government is responding to the plandemic, I’m always pointing people back to the data and science. What makes things confusing, however, is that there’s a lot of conflicting reports as to what the data is actually saying.

Because you’ll have extreme explanations on both sides that flat out contradict each other, it’s causing the masses to become gaslit to the point to where they can’t believe anything. As such, they often just go along with what the government, Big Pharma and Mainstream Media say because it’s easier to be a part of the crowd than stand in opposition.

So when someone comes to you and wants to know why you believe what you claim in regards to covid and the vax, do you know how to respond? This is exactly what I spoke to Dr John Diamond about on his show America Unhinged on BrighteonTV.

This is where we have to be gatekeepers, which ironically is what I named my Christian podcast network. The idea is that you have to, as the Bible says, “take every thought captive” (2 Corinthians 10:15) and judge the claim on its merits. In my instance, I want to get down to the root issue.

For example, a lot of people will post about correlations. “The vaxxed are less likely to die than the unvaxxed” they’ll say. They don’t explain why or how. In fact, they don’t know. They just see a correlation and use it to justify getting The Jab. What you must remember is that there’s a difference between causation and correlation.

What I do for entertainment is download the CDC, FDA and Pfizer reports and dive into the statistics. I know, I’m strange. However, doing so has taught me a lot about how much the American people are being lied to and manipulated.

“Doc” Fraudci was running around claiming that the vax is 95% effective at keeping you from getting covid. He then explained that this means that there will only be one breakthrough case for every 20 jabs. However, when you look at the actual data from the report he’s citing, it says nothing of the sort.

The Pfizer report which the FDA and Fauci cited for this 95% effectiveness rating actually disproves their claim. When you actually look at the numbers, it only shows a 1% increase in protection compared to the placebo group, when looking at the entire study. Additionally, did you know that Pfizer only tested the vax for effectiveness for only seven days? Yes, you read that correctly… SEVEN DAYS.

This should be a lesson to all of us: Don’t just accept claims without checking them out. Everyone is pushing their narrative and searching for support for their pre-conceived ideas. Don’t be like the masses that are getting deceived on a daily basis. Do your research. Verify claims before you believe them. Otherwise, you’ll be “tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.” (Ephesians 4:14)

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