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Was the Covid Jab Developed Under the Guise of Cancer Research?

During a recent episode of America Unhinged, I spoke with Dr John Diamond about how conservatives can bypass the algorithmic walls to get the truth out to the masses. Over the last few years, it’s been extremely difficult for truth-tellers to get the truth out to the masses due to censorship, shadow banning and collusion between Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Government.

One of the highly suppressed stories, even within the conservative movement, is how the mRNA bioweapon injection was created under the guise of “cancer research.” So all that fundraising and narrative that they were developing a cure for cancer turned out to be a farce and, instead, they created the covid jab which has caused countless injuries, disabilities and death.

Now, they are going to claim that they developed it with the intention to use it to fight cancer, yet they found another use for it in regards to covid “vaccines.” The reality is, however, that the powers-that-be have been planning the plandemic and bioweapon rollout for years, if not decades.

For example, Dr Judy Mikovits told me that every vaccine going back for years before covid had Cov2 in it. The covid jabs were prepared and ready to rollout before covid even hit in 2020.

How were they able to accomplish all of this without being detected? Do it under the guise of cancer research.

Now, that’s not to say that every person involved in this research did it knowingly for deceitful purposes. However, the powerful elites calling the shots (no pun intended) and were involved in this massive scam over the world’s population were definitely in the know.

And the crazy thing about it is that millions and millions of dollars were raised by everyday Americans to fund the development of the covid bioweapon, all the while thinking it was to support finding the cure for cancer.

It’s shocking when you think about it within that context.

Because we don’t know what Big Pharma and our government are planning as the next pandemic, it’s more important now than ever to have a strong immune system, which is why I recommend that everyone take supplements to stay as healthy as possible. The Good Inside has, in my opinion, the best heavy metal detox supplement on the market, which is extremely important when talking about the jab and shedding. I’ve got a special discount of $50 off if you order through this link.

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