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Rioting Nightmare: JD Rucker's Startling Warning of Post-Election Anarchy Unleashed

In a no-holds-barred episode of America Unhinged, JD Rucker, the co-founder of Freedom First Network and editor of The Liberty Daily, joined me on a deep dive through a wide variety of topics. From navigating tricky political discussions over Christmas dinner to exposing the subtle influence of movies, we covered it all.

However, the jaw-dropping revelation of what the Powers-That-Be may have up their sleeve when Trump gets back into office at the end of the show will leave you shocked… and rightly so.

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As the episode reached its conclusion, JD and I took a deep dive into the ominous waters surrounding the 2024 Election. Rucker unfolded a hair-raising scenario that could plunge the nation into chaos.

Picture this: In response to the lie that a violent insurrectionist is back in the White House, rioting and violence orchestrated by the Far Left so extreme that even Trump himself might be forced to implement Martial Law. The shockwaves of this terrifying scenario can put the fear of God in the hearts of those who stand with Trump, prompting us to question the very foundations of our Constitutional Republic. In that scenario, could we see our Constitutional Rights be taken away by the very man we elect to preserve them… all in the name of safety?

JD Rucker's prediction of a post-election nightmare is not for the faint of heart. He outlined a chilling narrative where the Powers-That-Be manipulate the chaos, pushing America to the brink of destruction. The question looms large: Are we on the precipice of witnessing the unraveling of the nation we hold dear?

In the face of this unsettling forecast, Rucker and I didn't just leave you hanging. We offered a call to action, urging you to become preppers in 2024. Even Mark Zuckerberg knows something is coming, as he’s built a bunker in Hawaii and has become a full-fledged prepper, himself. The time to put in the work is now, as we strive to save our country from the clutches of those plotting its demise. It's a rallying cry for every patriot to rise up and thwart the plans that threaten to tear America apart.

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This conversation with JD has thrown open the doors to a dark and foreboding future, one that demands the attention of every Trump supporter. His insights, combined with our urgent call to action, create a narrative that will leave you fired up to save this great country.

The battle for America's soul has never been more real, and it's time for Trump supporters to rise to the challenge.

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DJ Nonya
DJ Nonya

Really sad to see this devolve into nothing but ads. Rucker lost all Credibility with his misleading teasers on liberty daily. You reference the Devine and scripture frequently yet you don't seem to grasp prophecy nor does Rucker. Trump also isn't winning the election regardless. Do you people really think with a compromised supreme court that allowed election fraud to stand there will ever be another free election. Good grief.

We should prep. For the rapture. No shelters precipitation or metals or dehydrated food necessary. If you end up needing those things you'll be left behind and that will be the least of your problems.

Jeff Dornik
Jeff Dornik

Thanks for taking the time to listen and to respond. I truly mean that. For those of us prepping, we aren't prepping for the tribulation. We are confident in God's promises and we know we won't need those supplies for that reason. However, if we learn anything from history, lots of scenarios could play out that would require prepper supplies. That's what we are preparing for.

But yes, we are looking forward to the rapture and meeting Christ face-to-face in Heaven. The only prep we need for that is spiritual and to share the Gospel with as many people as possible in the meantime.

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