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Republican Smoke and Mirrors: The Rifts Behind the Deceptive Unity That Could Spell Doom for the GOP in 2024

Can the Republicans truly unite for the 2024 General Election? During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, I peeled back the layers of the GOP circus to explore this burning question on everyone’s mind, given the bad blood between Team Trump and Team DeSantis. Spoiler alert: all the smoke and mirrors might just spell doom for the Grand Old Party.

Let’s tackle this issue head on: the supposed unity within the GOP. I am here to tell you that it's as solid as a sandcastle at high tide. Lip-service, subversion, and political gymnastics ran rampant during Trump's presidency, leaving us wondering if the GOP was truly on the same page or just reading from a shared script. Everyone pretended to be MAGA to get on Trump’s good side and raise money, but deep down they hated him and worked to undermine his presidency. Now, in 2024, we’re seeing them come out of the woodwork and show their true colors. What they didn’t expect was that they’d be outnumbered.

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The animosity between Team Trump and Team DeSantis run deep, with influencers on both sides flinging insults and pure hatred faster than you can say "Make America Great Again." Instead of drowning in the smear campaigns and personal attacks, I've taken a different route – dissecting the policy differences between Trump and DeSantis.

In the grand scheme of things, there’s very little difference between the two of them. Policy-wise, on paper, they hold most of the same positions. The main wedge issue between these two candidates is their handling of covid. So, during today’s episode, I decided to break down how each of them handled it from a Constitutional perspective. The results of comparing the COVID-19 records of Trump and DeSantis might just raise an eyebrow or two.

Let's talk lockdowns: While Trump held the White House, DeSantis transformed Florida into a constitutional battleground by locking down the state, violating the Constitutional Right to peacefully assemble. Now, they’ll blame Trump for bad data and science coming out of the CDC and for actually believing people should stay home to stop the spread. But when push came to shove, Donald Trump did not shut down America. It was governors like Newsom, Cuomo… and Ron DeSantis.

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Team DeSantis is quick to say that the Florida Governor changed his position quicker than anyone else, as he saw through the data and science. That’s not good enough for me. This isn’t about the numbers. This is about the Constitutional Rights that were violated. If it’s about the numbers and lockdowns not being effective, then we have no rights. No governor had the right to take away any Constitutional Rights, no matter what the data and science claims as being effective to slow the spread of covid. In fact, I’m nervous that if lockdowns were actually effective at slowing the spread, he would’ve continued to ignore the rights of Floridians. That’s not what I want in a president.

You can criticize Trump’s handling of covid in a lot of ways, but he understood his Constitutional limits. He can provide advice, and we can agree or disagree with that advice (I disagree with him), but he did not overstep his Constitutional limits of the presidency, whereas DeSantis did as governor.

Another controversial opinion that I have, but is irrefutable, is in regards to DeSantis weaponizing the government against Disney for exercising their First Amendment rights. Former CEO was dead wrong in his opinions, but he’s entitled to not only voice his dissent at the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” that was passed, which I refer to as the Don’t Say Straight Bill, given the actual text of the law… but he’s also entitled to spend his money supporting the undoing of the legislation. Ron DeSantis retaliating against Chapek’s freedom of speech is an authoritarian move that should NOT be applauded by Constitutional Conservatives.

As we navigate the choppy waters of GOP turmoil, remember this: Behind the grand facade of unity lies a theatrical performance, and the script might be getting a rewrite. After Ted Cruz lost in 2015, there was a facade of unity… but it turns out that was a lie. Will the Republicans manage to put on a united front for 2024? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure – the smoke and mirrors might just reveal deeper rifts than we anticipated.

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