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2023 was the Year of Distractions… 2024 is Do-Or-Die for America

Today's episode of The Jeff Dornik Show features a recent show where I filled in for my good friend Dr. John Diamond on America Unhinged, broadcasted on the BrighteonTV. It was a wild ride as we delved into the recap of 2023, and my conclusion? According to my perspective, 2023 was the epitome of the year of distractions.

As we sifted through the events that shaped the past year, it became abundantly clear that the issues capturing our attention were nothing more than a grand illusion, a smokescreen designed to divert our gaze from the real challenges threatening the fabric of our nation. Russia vs. Ukraine, Israel vs. Hamas, Joe Biden's cognitive state – all mere pawns in the orchestrated game of distraction. Even Jill Biden's New Year's Eve dress found its way into the narrative, a seemingly innocuous diversion in the grand scheme of things.

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The political arena also played its part in this elaborate charade: Trump vs. DeSantis, Newsom debating DeSantis, GOP Debates… all contributing to the illusion that we were engaging with the crucial issues when, in reality, it was one big distraction.

As we’ve now entered a new year, the gravity of the situation becomes apparent. It's do-or-die for America in 2024. This is the year that will determine whether the United States will retain its essence, the America we hold dear. The deciding factor? Surprisingly, it's you and me. The call to action is clear: get off our butts, immerse ourselves in the game, and save America from the Globalist Powers-That-Be that threaten its very existence.

The quest to save the nation is a personal endeavor. The power lies not just in the hands of the political elite but in the choices we make as individuals. Welcome to 2024… a year where the fate of America hangs in the balance, and our role is to decide whether it continues to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Let's get in the game and do the work of saving America – whatever that may entail.

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