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The Intelligence Agencies, Cults and How to Preserve Free Speech

The Deep State intelligence agencies have been using every tool at their disposal to brainwash and manipulate the American people to buy into whatever propaganda baloney they are attempting to push. In the past their best tools were the education system and Hollywood… now it’s Big Tech and the Mainstream Media.

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor or speaking at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour at Trump Doral in Miami, FL, alongside other American patriots such as Eric Trump, Gen Michael Flynn, Mike Lindell, Jim Beuer and the one and only President Donald J Trump.

During my talk, I explained how the intelligence agencies have been able to get the majority of Americans to choose to believe the propaganda over what they can literally see in front of them. This takes some unpacking of the intelligence agencies’ involvement in cults like Jonestown and Scientology and how they can get everyday Americans to believe in some of the most asinine things.

I also announced that I’m launching a new social content platform called pickax, which will be a constitutionally free speech platform not beholden to Big Tech in any way. Our algorithms will work on behalf of those using it, and we’ll also have monetization opportunities for content creators. Sign up for the waiting list to join once we launch beta at

With the constant struggle to get the truth out to the masses, all while being censored and shadowbanned on social media and search engines, many have been asking how to help support The Jeff Dornik Show. I’ve recently setup a GiveSendGo where you can donate to help support the show. This will allow us to do more promotion and spend more time researching and investigating the underreported news stories that need to be uncovered. Click here to donate.

Check out the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show:



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