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How to Tell Who’s a Real Patriot vs a Deep State Operative

During a recent interview on Jeremy Slayden’s show JSlayUSA, we discussed a question that I continually get asked: How do we know who’s a true patriot and who’s a Deep State operative? It’s so difficult to figure out and has left so many confused.

I’ve had so many people come up to me and ask whether Donald Trump has been compromised because of his continued promotion of the globalist trasnshumanist agenda regarding the covid bioweapon injections. I’ve had others ask me about Ron DeSantis being a secret globalist due to his alliance with the Bush family, Paul Ryan and George Soros endorsing him.

Then there’s the question about so many of the covid doctors that have been spot on when it comes to the overall exposition of the evils behind the covid jabs, yet have been blatantly wrong on particular aspects. Are they just innocently wrong or are they doing this on purpose as a psyop on behalf of the Deep State?

These are difficult waters to wade, and Jeremy and I take a deep dive into how we can figure out heads and tails in these situations. I may get myself in trouble with my brutal honesty, but so be it.

The reality is that if someone is wrong, there’s three different potential scenarios that could be playing out. One is that they are innocently wrong. This means that the person is well-intentioned, but just happened to be in error.

The second scenario is the useful idiot, where someone sinister is using someone who is well-intentioned, yet wrong, to lead people astray. This is, again, unintentional on the part of the useful idiot, but there are puppet masters pulling the strings manipulating them to, in turn, manipulate their following.

The final scenario would be the actual Deep State operative. This would be someone actually working on behalf of the Deep State… this could be the CIA, FBI, World Economic Forum, Illuminati or any other secret society or sinister group out there. They’ll often times be correct 90% of the time, but that 10% error is vitally important. You can typically spot these operatives because they’ll make claims that, if you do your research, they should know better. They have no excuse for being wrong.

I hope that this helps you in your discernment as we attempt to make out what’s really going on and who we can trust. I highly encourage you to check out Jeremy Slayden’s show JSlayUSA, as he attempts to break all of this down in detail during each of his shows.

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