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Mike Collins: If We’re Not Careful We’re Going To Be Eating With Chopsticks and Speaking Chinese

Mike Collins is an America First congressional candidate from Georgia who’s focused on election integrity, medical freedom and taking on the Chinese Communist Party. Collins explains why he believes our dealings with China should be priority number one.

We are all sick of the Washington DC Swamp, which seems to have the power to turn even the most principled conservative into a member of the establishment. This is why I’ve been saying that we need to primary all of the current members of Congress and get fresh faces and outsiders who will do the bidding of their constituents.

Mike Collins is a businessman in the trucking industry, owning Collins Trucking Company. He’s someone who believes in Donald Trump’s America First agenda, and makes the case that he is the best candidate to represent the people of Georgia’s 10th Congressional District.

During this episode of the Jeff Dornik Show, Collins and I spend most of our time talking about election fraud and medical freedom. However, what he stated at the very end of the episode was the most powerful segment of the show:

“Our biggest problem is China, China, China. We’ve got to get that under control, and there are ways to do that, Jeff. Be it through regulations on our end here, taxes, our debt… who’s buying that debt? If you look underneath the covers, I guarantee you see China all over this thing. And if we’re not careful, we’re going to be eating with chopsticks and speaking Chinese.”

Mike Collins is spot on with his assessment. China has their fingerprints all over virtually every aspect of the American system that is crumbling all around us. They’ve been investing in most of our tech companies, including even our alternative “free speech” social media platforms. They’ve bought up most of our media, both news and entertainment. China even has assets within our own government, through bribery, blackmail and even spies (such as the infamous Fang Fang, who’s the Chinese spy that slept with Eric Swalwell).

It seems as if nobody but Donald Trump actually took China seriously. And even then, it appears as if he might be cozying up with China, as his new social media platform Truth Social has investments with direct ties to Wuhan, China. However, when Trump was president, he was imposing sanctions and restrictions on the Chinese Communist Party, despite the Democrats and even Republicans opposing him every step of the way.

Our greatest national security threat is the CCP. They’ve entrenched themselves into virtually every aspect of American life. We depend on them for everything. America is so reliant upon China that if we were to do the right thing and completely cut them off, much of our economy and healthcare would implode. This is the danger in relying on our enemy for our infrastructure.

So what do we do about this? We’ve got to begin to move away from relying on this communist country that wants to overtake us as the global superpower. That starts with you and I supporting companies based and manufactured right here in America.

One of the American companies that is a sponsor of my show is Our Gold Guy, which sources all of their gold right here from the good old US of A. While you might think that would jack up the prices, Ira has been able to do the exact opposite by streamlining his business model, cutting his fees and passing on the savings to you. Especially with the Biden Regime tanking the dollar, investing in gold might be the right decision for you. Head on over to and let him know that you heard about them from The Jeff Dornik Show.

To bring this full circle, we need people in Congress who understand the threats we face as a nation, namely the Chinese Communist Party. Mike Collins has made it clear that they are America’s primary threat moving forward, and we have to take them seriously.

When it comes to his platform, Mike Collins summarized it with, “I’m like Trump, all day long.”

If you’d like more information on Mike Collins or would like to contribute to his campaign, please visit

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