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Your Best Protection Against the Tyrannical Federal Government is on the Hyper Local Level

As my buddy Chad Caton always says, we’ve got to focus on the hyper local. He’s right. Conservatives and Republicans mostly focus on Washington DC first and foremost, allowing the Left to infiltrate into every aspect of local politics. This has allowed them to Conquer America.

Unfortunately, many have not learned our lesson of the past several decades where we’ve turned over virtually every aspect of American life to the globalist elites: Entertainment, education, mainstream media, social media, business and even local government.

During a recent appearance on Freedom’s Pep Rally with Jon James, we discussed this concept of focusing on the hyper local when it comes to covid-19 and the “vaccine” mandates. Most within Conservative Inc are still focusing on the swamp in DC to fix our problems, even though that is virtually impossible. Instead, we’d be able to accomplish a lot if we shifter our attention to the local level.

As Governor Ron DeSantis has shown, local and state governments can be that in-between protection between the American people and the current tyrannical government. The reality is, that we need to be taking this fight even further.

According to the Constitution of the United States of America, the Federal Government’s power is limited to what is specifically delegated to it by the Constitution itself. Most of what the Fed does is completely unconstitutional and illegal, to be redundant. The problem is that the American people and state government’s have bought into the lie that Federal law trumps State law. That could not be further from the truth.

Instead, we should have our state legislatures and governors refusing to allow the Federal Government to enforce unconstitutional “laws” within their states. They could even go so far as to simply state that they don’t recognize the Federal Government’s authority in that arena.

On a side note: This is what I’ve been calling on Red States to do when it comes to the rigged 2020 Election… refuse to acknowledge Joe Biden as the President of the United States. I digress…

This strategy could be extremely effective, providing safety and stability in these states with elected officials who have a backbone. Here’s some examples of what could be done:

States could have demanded that the airports, which are run by the local governments, refuse to enforce mask mandates. If more OSHA requirements come out, states can simply state that they don’t recognize OSHA’s authority to strip Americans of their Constitutional Rights, and ban them from enforcement in their state. The list goes on and on.

If we’re going to save America, it’s got to be on the local level first. We can’t fix DC if we don’t go hyper local. This means getting involved in your city council meetings, going to hearings with your county board of supervisors, signing up to volunteer in your local elections. It means making your voice heard, electing the right local officials and organizing locally to ensure that your communities are protected.

We all want to end the medical tyranny we are facing with these Poison Death Shots. At the same time, if we truly wanted to put it to an end, we’d realize that if we want to Drain the Swamp, we can’t do it unless we infiltrate right back into our local infrastructure and governmental seats.

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