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Why the World Economic Forum Needs Everyone Injected with Their Bioweapon

During a recent interview on Red Voice Media’s I’m Fired Up, Chad Caton and I took on the World Economic Forum’s sinister plan of world domination. And we’ve got receipts! The key to their plan is getting every man, woman and child injected with the bioweapon injection that they cleverly disguised as a covid-19 vaccine. Its purpose is even more sinister and evil than depopulation.

You see, if it were just about depopulating the earth, they are already doing that through abortion, sterilizing kids by telling them they’re transgender and even encouraging women to put off having kids while they build a career. All of that is limiting the earth’s population, so the supposed “vaccine” isn’t really needed if all they need is to depopulate the earth.

Yes, murdering the masses or even sterilizing the majority of the earth’s population is pure evil. So what could be worse?

What if you don’t die, but you no longer have free will? Essentially, you’d be a robot or a zombie. This is exactly what the goal of the jabs are, given their use of artificial intelligence and quantum dots that connect to 5G. Yuval Noah Herari has already explained that our brains are hackable and they can take away our free will.

Are people dying from the covid jabs? Absolutely. By the millions, in fact. Those that do not die are experiencing adverse reactions, by the tens of millions. Additionally, depending on which covid doctor you speak to, it could be that everyone who’s been jabbed could be having serious adverse reactions, especially myocarditis… it’s just gone unnoticed up until this point.

But the real goal is to control those that survive without them realizing it. This is why Klaus Schwab & Co are doing everything within their power to inject every person in the world with this bioweapon. Only then can they truly usher in The Great Reset.

Many have been asking about the antidote to the jabs. Because of this demonic mind control aspect to them, I’ll repeat Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s solution: repent.

If you are looking for a physical or medical antidote, one thing to consider is possibly detoxing from the heavy metals that are definitely in the jabs. I recommend ordering Pure Body Extra, which is designed to rid your body of toxins and heavy metals. Save $50 when you order here.

Be sure to watch the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with Pastor Brian Gibson:

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