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What If There Is No Plan To Trust?

Jeff Dornik, Christian Conservative Podcaster and Freedom Fighter, joins RedPill78 to discuss his show, his upcoming event and a lot more.

The key focus of all my interviews as of late has been to inspire the Conservative Movement to action. We’ve had enough talk over the years, but now is way past the time to follow through.

This was exactly the focus of this conversation I had with Zak on his RedPill78 Friday Night Livestream. In my opinion, far too many on our side of the aisle have been content to just sit back and “Trust the Plan.” Whether there’s a plan or not makes no difference to me, we have to act as if there’s not one.

As a movement, we’ve become spectators, sitting back and watching Mike Lindell and even Donald Trump try to save the country. The reality is that no one person can fix the mess we find ourselves in. The only way to save this country is to have a groundswell of Americans get Red Pilled and get motivated to follow through with action to take back this great nation.

I love Lindell and have been a Trumper since 2012, when I wish that he would’ve run instead of RINO Mitt Romney. At the same time, when we put all our faith and hope into one person, we become complacent and leave the heavy lifting to our favorite conservative celebrities.

Let me ask you this: How has Trusting the Plan gone for you over the past couple of years? I’d say not so well. We’ve got an illegitimate president in the White House who doesn’t realize he’s in a stage across the street from the Oval Office and needs his diapers changed. Our Constitutional Rights are being stripped away left and right and the globalists have been injecting millions of Americans with the Poison Death Shot.

Now, you might say, there could be a plan, even still. Trump is allowing this all to play out to wake up the masses and then swoop in with the military once everyone is Red Pilled. Sure, that could be happening. I can’t disprove that…. And I hope that it’s what’s really going on. However, you also can’t prove that it’s true.

That leaves me with the thought that we have to act as if there are no plans secretly in play. Act as if Trump isn’t going to save you, Lindell won’t win in the Supreme Court 9-0 and the military isn’t going to arrest all the Deep State operatives. Now what are you going to do?

I’d rather be pleasantly surprised that there’s a plan in play than to be horribly disappointed that we were left high and dry. If we work to save America and do everything we can and there actually is a plan at play, the worst that will happen is that our country gets saved. If we do nothing, all while believing there’s a plan and it turns out there’s not one, we just lost America.

Which gamble are you going to take?

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