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We are Victims of Medical and Environmental Terrorism

I recently joined Pat Miletich and Jeffrey Wilson on their show, the Self Defense Warrior Podcast, where we discussed a wide variety of topics, including the covid jabs, artificial intelligence, the corruption of Big Pharma, Big Food and Big Ag, weather manipulation and so much more. The key takeaway is just how deeply entrenched the enemy is into every aspect of our life, and they are literally killing us through medical and environmental terrorism.

You see, over the last couple of years, many have woken up to the fact that Big Pharma is an extremely dishonest and corrupt industry. In reality, Bernie Sanders was right the whole time… we’ve got to get rid of Big Pharma. They’ve bought and paid for politicians on both sides of the aisle, which has allowed them to unleash the bioweapon injection into the bodies of billions of unsuspecting victims around the world, all with virtual immunity up until this point.

The reality, however, is that this goes further than simply Big Pharma. Big Food and Big Ag (Agriculture) are behaving in exactly the same way. They are literally poisoning our food with pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, and then we wonder why Americans are sicker today more than ever.

Take Bayer, for example. They bought Monsanto, which makes RoundUp and other horrific chemicals and pesticides that are used by farmers around the country. These products have created unknown amounts of adverse reactions, injuries, disabilities and allegedly even deaths. So on one hand, Bayer is making money on literally poisoning the American people. On the other hand, they make money producing Aspirin and other pharmaceutical drugs to treat the symptoms that they themselves created.

This is standard procedure for this Big Corporations. They collude with the government to implement procedures, practices and products that benefit this companies that are literally profiting off our sickness and disease both in the creation of it and in the “solutions.”

This is medical and environmental terrorism that is being unleashed upon us from both these Big Corporations and Big Government.

Now is the time to wake up to the fact that we are being legally terrorized without the masses even realizing it. Again, this is bigger and deeper than just Pfizer and Big Pharma. It’s the entire structure and collusion between Big Business and Big Government that needs to be broken up.

Up until recently, the Democrats were correct when it came to railing against Big Business. The GOP was the party opposing this message, crying “Capitalism!” The problem is, when you have Big Business working in conjunction with Big Government, we are no longer in a capitalistic society. I never thought that I would say that the Dems were right on anything, but this is one of those issues that they were spot on and the GOP was dead wrong.

Obviously, the Dems’ solution was way off base, but it’s time that we come in with our own solution to end this corrupt system that is literally taking the lives of millions of people every year. Wake up, people!

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