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Twitter Banned Me For Talking To A Black Conservative About The Tuskegee Experiment

Obviously, Silicon Valley is out of control. Instead of being a platform facilitating our communication with each other, they've turned into editor of our thoughts and opinions. This is extremely dangerous for the future of our society.

About a month ago, I was permanently banned from Twitter for talking about COVID-19 one too many times. I had on a Black Conservative Jimmy Lee Tillman to talk about why the Black Community has been hesitant to get vaxxed. He shared that one of the big factors is the Tuskegee Experiment, which is when the CDC did testing on Black Men, giving them syphilis and performing experiments and studies on them for decades.

It's the same CDC today which did those experiments, except this time it's on the entire American population. Twitter didn't like me talking to a Black Conservative about this, so they permanently banned me.

If we can't be free to have these difficult conversations, our society will never progress. This is a result of one side of the aisle refusing to allow the other side to challenge their positions.

I recently when on The America Out Loud Network's After Dark with Rob and Andrew to discuss my suspension from Twitter and the extreme danger of this mentality from Big Tech.

Here's the recap of the show:

A ban on conservatives from social media platforms isn’t anything new. Many conservatives expect it to happen to them at some point. However, what leaves them scratching their heads is the obscure reason behind the removal. A violation of terms and conditions around misinformation seems to be the reason of choice lately.

Jeff Dornik, author and CEO of The GateKeeper, joins the hosts of After Dark to discuss this topic. He was recently banned from Twitter and not given an option to appeal. The reason for his ban isn’t exactly clear. Although Dornik is now on other social media platforms geared toward conservatives, he doesn’t necessarily think this is the way to go. He feels that social media platforms should consist of an array of thoughts and ideas and not be exclusive to one or the other.

In addition to talking about being banned from Twitter, the author, who with his wife had Covid-19, shares his thoughts on the virus and vaccine. Unlike one of the hosts of the show who took the vaccine and still got the virus, neither Dornik nor his wife has plans to get vaccinated.

Jeff Dornik is an author, podcaster, and speaker focusing on both politics and the Christian church. He is the founder and CEO of The GateKeepers, a Christian podcast network, as well as the co-founder and CEO of Freedom First Network, a conservative political podcast network. He’s the host of four podcasts: Freedom One-On-One, Let’s Talk Right Now, Conversations with Jeff, and The GateKeepers Podcast. Through his publishing company, The GateKeepers Publishing, he’s co-authored two books: Social Injustice: Exposing the False Gospel of the Social Justice Movement (featuring authors like Brannon Howse, Mychal Massie, Andy Woods, and more) and Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America.

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Voltaire remarked that you could tell who was in power by who you were not allowed to criticize.


Don McCoy
Don McCoy
Jan 09, 2022

Dornok: stop using twitter.

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