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The Vax Cultists Traded Their Freedom For A Fraud

We all know that the Left trade their God-given Constitutional Rights for "safety" anytime they get scared. We saw it after 9/11 with the Patriot Act. And now we are seeing it in regards to Covid-19. What's crazy is that, every single time, there's no safety actually given whenever our rights are taken away... but they never learn their lesson.

My good friend Matt Couch likes to do random roundtable "shoot-the-breeze" evening shows where he brings on a few friends and just talk about whatever comes up. What's funny about this episode is that we tried to not talk politics... just couldn't do it. There's too much going on in the world right now.

When the conversation turned to the Medical Tyranny we are facing, I just couldn't hold back anymore. I'm out here in Communist California where everyone around me is getting shot up with this Poison Death Shot in the hopes of getting their lives back to normal. We all know how that's gone.

But when you stop and think about it, these cultists are buying into the lie that the jab is safe and effective so much that, in spite of the need for boosters and Omicron exposing that they don't actually work, they continually get injected with this experimental drug and try to guilt trip you into getting it too.

The reality is that they've essentially sold their souls to the false religion of Covid-19. They were promised that if they get shot up, they can return to normal. They were assured that if you get jabbed, you would not get Covid. As Maury Povich would say, "The lie detecter test showed... that was a lie!"

The vaccine cultists traded everything for a fraudulent lie. They gave up their jobs, companies and livelihoods. They gave up their constitutional rights to peaceable assemble. They traded away their medical freedom and bodily autonomy. They isolated. They kept their kids home from school. They covered their faces with stupid cloth masks that don't work. And what did they get in return? At best, a false sense of security.

The Big Fraud is unraveling before our eyes. Some people are beginning to wake up, but not enough. Now is our opportunity to red pill the masses, though, but it's going to massive and immediate action. Start talking to your vaxxed friends. Challenge them. Ask them what they actually got after getting the jab. Push them on the data and statistics. The truth is on our side, so go use it to bring the American people back to reality.

Many American Patriots continue to reach out to me asking what they can do in their local communities to make a difference. This is why JD Rucker and our team came up with the idea of the American Action Summits, to have live in-person events and online streaming to speakers whose sole focus is to give you the tools you need to implement actionable steps in your community to save America.

On February 5th, we are holding our first summit, this one with the theme to End Medical Tyranny. Speakers include Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Pastor Greg Locke, Dr Mark Sherwood, JR Majewski, the Iowa Mama Bears and the emcee will be Mindy Robinson. It will be one event in three locations simultaneously streaming out to the world. If you are in Iowa, Ohio or Tennessee, make sure you are there at the in-person events. Space is extremely limited, so get your tickets ASAP.

If you are not within driving distance to any of these locations, no worries! You can register for the livestream to catch the entire summit.

For tickets or to register for the livestream of the American Action Summit: End Medical Tyranny, head on over to and use code FREEDOM for $10 off the livestream registration.



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