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The Supervillains are Using Transhumanism to Eliminate Your Inalienable Rights Given by God

Transhumanism is no longer something discussed and implemented in the secretive shadows of deep, dark conspiracies. With the recent Executive Order by Joe Biden, it’s now out in the open.

As I told Dustin Faulkner on a recent episode of Battlefront: Frontline, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Government are now bragging that they can rewrite your cells and genetic code as if it were software. How do they accomplish this? Through the combination of nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.

This is extremely dangerous, and is a direct violation of our Constitutional Rights. It’s a violation of privacy rights, bodily autonomy and so much more. In fact, the ramifications if this gets into the wrong hands of a supervillain are catastrophic and can actually take away free speech rights and even the freedom of religion. For example, Elon Musk is developing technology that would give him the power to erase your memories and replace them with new ones.

But hold on a second… the question isn’t whether the supervillains will ever gain access to this technology. They are the ones developing it!

On Friday October 14th, I'll be emceeing an online summit about Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence and The Great Reset. This will be taking place on Freedom First TV, so be sure that you become a FFTV subscriber to watch this exclusive summit. Lineup to be announced soon. Use code JEFF for 25% off when you sign up at

Check out my interview with Dustin Faulkner on Battlefront: Frontline where I lay out the dangers of Joe Biden’s executive order and what might unfold from this transhumanist agenda.

If you missed the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with WalkAway’s Brandon Straka, you can watch it here:

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Ted R. Weiland
Ted R. Weiland
05 de out. de 2022

Only there are no such things as unalienable human rights. The Only One with unalienable rights is our God and Creator. Even life isn't a right except to God. It's inherent in who He is as Creator.

For the rest of us, life (and everything that comes with it) is a gift from and responsibility to the One who created us. It's inherent in who we are as the created. If life is our right then God was obligated to create us, making Him subservient to us. In turn, He would have no authority to judge us for what's our right to do with as we please.

Human rights are an entirely unbiblical enlightenment concept for the purpose of making man his…

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