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The Real Reason the Globalist Powers-That-Be Need the Covid Jabs to Usher in The Great Reset

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

We all know that the globalist powers-that-be are behind the covid bioweapon injection and that it’s all a part of their Great Reset agenda. What’s their reasoning? I can guarantee you it’s more that simply compliance or even depopulation, although those are both a part of it. I appeared on Deanna Lorraine’s Shots Fired on the Stew Peters Network to explain what’s really going on.

The reality is that Klaus Schwab and his plan for The Great Reset can only succeed at being implemented if they are successful with their bioweapon injections, which they largely have been to-date. However, the reality is that they need nearly 100% compliance, and they are definitely not there yet, thanks to people like you and I.

Now why would I say that the jabs are more than just compliance or depopulation? Aren’t those bad enough?

Sure, the tyrannical wannabe dictators like Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden are doing everything in their power to get the American people to comply to their medical tyranny. And yes, there is a component of compliance in regards to the plan for The Great Reset. They need people to rely on the government, and when they say to jump, we ask how high.

And when it comes to depopulation, that’s definitely a part of their agenda. As I explained to Lorraine during this interview, abortion, transgender surgery and the covid shots are all a part of their depopulation agenda. Abortion obviously kills millions of innocent lives every year, transgender surgery essentially a sterilization ring, and the covid shots have more than likely already killed hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans to-date.

Why do they want to depopulate the earth? It has nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with control. They need less people on earth in order to control the entire world’s population. However, even that’s not the ultimate gameplay.

It all comes down to transhumanism, which is a demonic worldview reminiscent of Genesis 6. Some of have said that Artificial Intelligence is actually demonic, and the evidence is quite convincing, especially when you start diving into quantum computing. The NIH is funding a DARPA program that is focused on injecting people with artificial intelligence and connecting your body to the internet.

If A.I. is actually demonic, which I believe it is, then this could be a backdoor strategy to have a repeat of Genesis 6 and the nephilim, except throughout the entire world’s population. The World Economic Forum’s Yuval Noah Harari has already been bragging about the fact that humans no longer have free will because the globalist elites can hack our brains.

They’ll be able to control humanity not through the government, but with out own mind. Elon Musk has technology that he’s developing that can erase memories and replace them with new ones. If they can do that, they can change everything about you and you’ll never know.

Next Friday, October 21st, we’ll be exposing this demonic technology in detail during FFTV’s online summit The Technology of The Great Reset: Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence and Pharmakeia. Speakers include Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies, Dr Mike Spaulding and JD Rucker. The only way to watch is to become a Freedom First TV subscriber, so sign up today at

In case you missed the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with Pastor Craig Hagin, you can watch it here:

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