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The One Thing Each of Us Must Do Between Now and 2024

Last night I was one of the guests on Dustin Faulkner’s show, Battlefront: Frontline, where we discussed Donald Trump, the “vaccines” and the transhumanist agenda of the Globalist Powers-That-Be. We took a deep dive into these topics, and I know that a lot of what I said can be shocking to many people, but I encourage you to listen with an open mind.

However, I’d like to focus your attention on Trump, but with a slightly different perspective. We all know the Truth Social post he wrote a few days ago… you know, the one where he talked about terminating the Constitution of the United States of America in response to the election of 2020 being stolen from him.

Sure, it’s easy to rag on him for that statement, even after he tried to claim that he never said what he clearly wrote. But that’s the drama that Trump thrives on. Let that one go.

What I want to focus on is the worldview that he appears to be sharing with posts like that. For many of us America First supporters, we joined the movement because of the principles that united Trump’s base: strong borders, a free economy, preserving constitutional rights, rooting out the RINOs and draining the swamp.

The issue with Trump isn’t actually with the man, himself. It’s with us, his followers. Are we going to use critical thinking skills or just be sheeple?

It’s way past time for us to begin to think for ourselves and re-evaluate our positions. We’ve got two years until the next presidential election, and it’s going to be an uphill battle to even get to that point, let alone win. We’ve got the deck stacked against us.

The way we win, however, is with the truth. But what is truth? That is the question…

Take some time to evaluate your worldview. How do you view morality? What’s your position on the role of the government? Foreign policy? Corruption? Abortion? States Rights? Etc. Etc. Etc. What do you actually believe?

Once you figure out what you believe, the rest is easy. Not sure who to vote for? Go for the person most aligned with your beliefs. That might be Trump. It might be DeSantis. I like both. But start with figuring out what YOU believe… we need principled people in the fight if we are going to save America.

I highly encourage you to take a listen to my conversation with Dustin Faulkner… it’s going to challenge what you believe and force you to re-evaluate your current positions on a bunch of important topics.

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Make sure you don’t miss the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with Tommy Robinson:



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