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The Occultic Secret Society Roots of the Deep State

Since Donald Trump came onto the political scene in 2015, we’ve had a lot of talk about the Deep State. It seems like whenever there’s something that happens, it’s easy for us to blame this shadow government that’s deeply entrenched into the swamp of Washington DC. But what are we actually talking about?

This is exactly what I spoke to Jeremy Slayden about during this interview on his show, J Slay USA. Just how deep is the Deep State? Even deeper than you could ever imagine.

The first step in understanding the Deep State is to know that we are going up against powers-and-principalities that we read about in the Bible. There’s a secret society of evil supervillains that are being used by Satan to try to implement the one-world government, religion and currency that is needed to establish the antichrist’s reign, as predicted in the Book of Revelation.

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “Come on, Jeff. You really expect me to believe this?” Why, yes I do, and it’s not even a new phenomenon. This isn’t just the World Economic Forum. This has been going on since practically the beginning of time. In fact, the Bible speaks about this shadowy group of kingmakers… you just didn’t even realize it.

If you take a look at the magicians in the books of Exodus and Daniel, you begin to see a consistent theme. Historians have been able to verify that these were, in fact, known as the “kingmakers” who established who would be king or pharaoh, and then would influence their decisions. You can follow this shadowy group of occultic people through world history, and virtually every time you had a world superpower, you saw this group of kingmakers right there: Babylon, Egypt, Rome, England, China, Nazi Germany… the list goes on and on.

When you understand this piece of history, you’ll begin to understand the significance of the presence of the Magi at Christ’s birth. King Herod was so upset and wanted to deceive these kingmakers who came to him seeking the new King of the World. Think about it… why would Herod take seriously some random magicians from the Far East that were claiming to seek the birth of a new king based upon a star they were following… unless, of course, he knew who they actually were and the significance of their presence.

When these kingmakers arrived at the scene of the birth of Christ, they were doing so because their group had been taught by Daniel to expect a coming King who would save the world. They were seeking to establish their New World Order on behalf of Satan. Yet, God used them to show who the real King is… Jesus.

Since that time, we’ve seen these same Kingmakers pop up behind every world super power, as I mentioned before. Which brings us to present day.

This goes deeper than just the CIA and FBI. It goes deeper than the United Nations or the World Economic Forum. It goes deeper than George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. They are all just pawns of the powers-that-be who are trying to establish the antichrist’s reign talked about in the Book of Revelation.

Throughout history, we’ve seen this occultic secret society attempt to establish this New World Order, yet God has always said, “It’s not time yet,” and caused their attempt to implode, after which they’d try again. Are we finally at that moment where it’s time for the NWO? Only time will tell whether it’s God’s timing or not.

For us, however, our mission remains the same: To expose the truth and wake as many people up to what’s really going on as possible. If it’s God’s time for the reign of the antichrist, then our mission is to simply wake up the lost with the saving power of the Gospel. If it’s not God’s time for the end of the world, then He’ll use us to expose the Deep State and allow us to defeat their attempts at world domination.

Either way, our focus is on exposing the truth and waking up as many people in as short of time as possible.

Jeremy Slayden is a phenomenal podcaster that you definitely want to check out. Head on over to to check out all of his episodes and interviews. Here’s the official description of this episode of his show:

How far back does the deep state rabbit hole go? When did it actually begin? Did it begin in Babylon or Egypt...perhaps the time of Christ or the Enlightenment? Or is it a more recent phenomenon with the beginning of the western empires and America?

More importantly, what are the future goals of this global cabal, and what can we do about it?

Our guest Jeff Dornik is a researcher and expert on secret societies, the string pullers behind world leaders, and the Christian faith. He is the founder of the Gatekeepers (A podcasting network for pastors), the Freedom First Network (news and politics podcasters), Host of the Jeff Dornik Show, and founder of the American Action Summit Health Care Freedom conferences. Share this powerful interview far and wide!

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