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Mindy Robinson's New Documentary on the Las Vegas Shooting Drops... the Truth May Shock You

Many of you know Mindy Robinson and the amazing work that she's done to expose the corruption going on in the Nevada and Las Vegas. She's taken on her governor, exposed their involvement in stealing the 2020 Election from Donald Trump, confronted their hypocrisy when it comes to Covid-19 and demanded that they stop trying to force their citizens to wear masks and get vaxxed.

She has a track record going back even further, exposing the pedophilia and child trafficking going on in Hollywood. The one thing about Mindy Robinson is that she tells the truth without compromise. She's been proven time and time again, despite getting deplatformed from Twitter for "misinformation." That should be a badge of honor for anyone and proof enough that they are on the right track.

Well, she's back. This time to uncover what our government has covered up in regards to the Las Vegas shooting. There are so many discrepancies and coverups that occurred by the government which Mindy exposes in this documentary called Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up.

There are so many examples that contradict the mainstream narrative. One example is the claim that there were multiple shooters. People had bullets strike them horizontally instead of diagonally, signifying that there were shooters on the ground. There's also video footage of what appears to be shots coming from up to three helicopters. Then there's the claim that the supposed shooter committed suicide, yet his gun that they claim he used was nowhere near him.

Clearly, there are a ot of questions that still need to be answered. In Route 91, Mindy Robinson does a great job of asking the right questions and giving you all of the evidence about what really happened that fateful and tragic night in Las Vegas.

I highly encourage you to take the time to watch this. It will make you question everything.

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