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Transhumanism is the Greatest Threat to the Existence of Humanity

If we don't stop the transhumanist movement in its track, we are facing the end of humanity as we know it.

As technology continues to develop at unprecedented rates, we are seeing the blending together of human biology with this technology, often times rooted in artificial intelligence. With the advancements of this technology, we are going to quickly come to a fork in the road where we’ll be forced to make a decision: Join the transhumanist movement or be cast out of society.

Up until this point, we’ve seen a clear distinction between human intelligence and artificial intelligence. That distinction will no longer exist in only a matter of years. People like Elon Musk are developing implantable brain chips that allows for your memories to be erased and replaced with artificial memories. Yes, this could be great for trauma victims, but horrific in the hands of the powers-that-be.

There’s a reason that one of the fastest growing industries in Silicon Valley is the biotech world. We all know that location to be the home to all of the tech giants, but not the pharmaceutical companies are bringing the techies over to the biomed world, focusing on the blending together of technology and the human body.

Take a look at the home page of Moderna, for example. This Big Pharma company, which focuses solely on mRNA technology, likens it to an operating system. There’s a reason they do this, as they are blending together technology and pharmaceutical drugs. This is dangerous territory, and here’s why…

According to Twitter CEO Elon Musk, Google co-founder Larrry Paige is attempting to build a “sort of digital superintelligence, basically a digital god, if you will, as soon as possible.” Even Musk himself is in the race for AI superintelligence, although he’s constantly warning about the dangerous risks to the development of this technology.

According to reports, Musk is using all of the data on Twitter to develop his Artificial Intelligence, which would actually give him to the most relevant and up-to-date AI in existence. This means that you using Twitter is feeding this monster. Scary.

But really, what’s the danger in developing AI, you might ask? Simple: it takes the power away from us as individuals and places it into the elite. As you research AI even more, you’ll come to realize that this may actually have demonic ties.

Not only does Revelation discuss the Mark of the Beast, which you’d have to get if you want to buy and sell, but it’s also essentially swearing allegiance to the antichrist, who is a globalist implementing a one world government, currency and religion. This is the agenda of the transhumanist movement.

Yuval Noah Herari already states that human beings no longer have free will, as these elites can actually control you from within and you wouldn’t even know it. Through technology, they can tell you how to vote, how to shop and what views you should have. This is potentially even more sinister than the depopulation agenda, as you’ll think you’re making decisions based upon your own free will, but you’d essentially be nothing more than a drone with a controller.

The covid jabs were and are dangerous. They’ve resulted in mass amounts of injuries, disabilities and death. However, they are also Step 1 in getting everyone synced up with the transhumanist artificial intelligence. Did you know that graphene is an ingredient used to create the foundation of quantum computing memory? Did you know that there are quantum dots actually in the covid jabs? Did you know that this technology connects to artificial intelligence servers in China through 5G? You can’t make this stuff up.

Once we cross the line into full-fledged transhumanism, that’s the end of humanity as we know it. No longer will our bodies be as God created them, but manipulated into something completely foreign and dependent upon scientists to stay alive. If you cross them, that’s the end of the road for you.

So what do we do about it? We’ve got to raise awareness about this danger. But then, on top of that, we’ve got to take strides to end this, both through public pressure and political action. If we don’t, we’ll be nothing more than a humanoid robot. As I told Clay Clark one of the last times I had him on my show, we’re talking about mass demonic possession.

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