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Ron DeSantis' Weaponization of the Government Against Political Opponents is a Massive Concern

The Florida Governor's weaponization of the government against Disney should be a concern for principled conservatives. Is this really what we want from a potential GOP presidential nominee?

Disney’s extreme pushing of their Woke ideology over the last few years has been so concerning that parents across the country have stopped allowing their children to watch their films or visit their theme parks. While they’ve been a Lefty company for years, decades even, under former CEO Bob Chapek they hurtled into extreme wokeism.

When Bob Iger returned as CEO after the Chapek debacle, many assumed that he’d go back to his more moderate handling of divisive issues. Historically, he would want to be as inclusive as possible, and that included towards conservatives. He was even a part of a committee for President Donald Trump for a period of time during his presidency.

The problem is that Iger hasn’t done much to reverse course since he’s retaken his role as CEO of the Walt Disney Company. While they’ve been more tame in their Public Relations and public statements, they’re continuing to push woke agendas in their films and shows on Disney+, as well as announcing their first Gay Pride night at Disneyland.

This has made it easy for conservatives and parents in general to voice their concerns with Disney, boycott the company or even just be more intentional with which Disney films their children are allowed to watch. This is definitely not the Disney Company of old that promoted a pro-America worldview.

So when Florida Governor and 2024 Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis decided to take on the Mouse’s House, many on the Right cheered. Finally, someone would stand up to one of these Big Woke Companies that are targeting our kids with this Leftist propaganda!

When you take an “Us vs Them” approach to everything, the ends begin to justify the means. My concern is precedent this will set for the future of both the Republican Party and the United States of America in general.

For those of us that are principled conservatives, we’ve been concerned about just how big the government is getting and we’ve been seeking to reduce the size and the scope of the government. The idea is that we’d like to get back to the Constitutional roles of government, limiting the Federal Government to protecting us from foreign enemies and preserving our Constitutional Rights.

Conservatives have been up in arms over the banks targeting Mike Lindell and MyPillow, and we’ve been outraged at Big Tech’s targeting of conservatives simply for our political views. But for some reason, that outrage only occurs when the weaponization, cancel culture and targeting is directed at conservatives and right-leaning companies. When the shoe is on the other foot, our crowd cheers.

Ron DeSantis has essentially declared war on Disney for former CEO Bob Chapek’s public statements opposing the inaccurately labeled “Don’t Say Gay” Bill. In fact, the way that it was written, it could also be correctly called the “Don’t Say Straight” Bill, as it bans ALL discussion of sexuality of any kind, not just that which is found within the LGBTQ world.

The reality is, despite the fact that Disney is on the wrong side of the fight, they were actually practicing their Constitutionally protected free speech. Let me put it this way… if Gavin Newsom were to weaponize the California government against Mike Lindell and MyPillow for expressing their Constitutionally protected free speech regarding election fraud, conservatives everywhere would be outraged and condemn Newsom’s unconstitutional behavior. But is that because we actually believe in free speech or because he’s a Democrat and we always oppose Democrats?

Now, it would be one thing if Governor DeSantis simply used his own free speech to oppose what Disney is doing. If he felt that the Mickey Mouse brand was targeting kids with transgender, CRT and LGBTQ propaganda from a young age, expose that for all to see. But if they aren’t breaking any laws, then you either need to pass a law that can be enforced or else you can’t use the government to target a business for legal practices, even if you disagree with them on a moral level.

Because of Disney’s public opposition and misrepresentation of the bill that DeSantis signed into law, the 2024 presidential hopeful has targeted them specifically with their privileges they’ve had since Walt Disney first negotiated bringing Walt Disney World to Florida. That includes self-governance in their Reedy Creek district and on Disney property and certain tax benefits.

As retaliation, not only has DeSantis stripped Disney of their self-governance status within Reedy Creek, but now he’s throwing out there (although more than likely half-jokingly) that he’ll setup a state prison next door to the theme park, or something else that could bring financial harm to the Mouse House.

This is not the role of the governor. His job is to do what’s best for the Floridian people, whether they agree with him politically or not. He should not be using the government as a weapon against those that have a different ideology than us. If Disney is breaking the law in some way, prosecute them. But don’t punish them for legal behavior.

This is concerning given the fact that he’s more than likely going to run for president, challenging Donald Trump in the 2024 GOP Primaries. He has a path to victory that most within the America First crowd refuse to acknowledge. I’ve long stated that he knows Trump’s Achille’s heel is the covid jab, and he’s playing that up in an attempt to get the anti-vaxxers onto Team DeSantis. Unfortunately, that’s been decently successful.

The longer Trump refuses to change course on the covid bioweapon injections, the better opportunity DeSantis has to clinch the GOP nomination.

Looking at DeSantis’ authoritarian streak in weaponizing his state government, this should be a concern to all freedom-loving Americans. Do we really want another president who will weaponize the government against his political opponents? We’ve had enough of that with Biden and Obama… why would we want that from our Republican leadership?

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Barry D
Barry D
May 05, 2023

DeSantis didn't weaponize anything. He simply quit allowing/ removed the subsidies and expired protections and put Disney on the same level playing field as all of the other buinesses.

Disney can still practice their free speech. They just have to do it with their own money instead of the publics tax money. Your warped thinking is more of a slam on your own liberal slant than it is a concern about DeSantis.


DeSantis a true American Hero. I support anything that destroys Deadmocrats and their psychopathic liberal ideology. Turnabout is fair play.


Mensa Graham
Mensa Graham
May 05, 2023

X out political - Add in moral.


William Cary
William Cary
May 05, 2023

I had some agreement on Desanti's weaponization of Government which he took too far, but you lost me with the crazy Trump change course bio-weapon covid injections, From the mild stance Dems can't hit him and will they will never admit it was not a successful vaccine. It's only upside. Going to the bioweapons stance, you lost credibility and just threw out words. You are not serious, and willing to tow to those who rarely look at how bad bureaucracies can be. There are tons wrong with how it went down, tons wrong in approval, 100 tons of wrong on mandates, but you are now just showing your rightness view on holding the line is not really what you m…

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