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Just How Evil is Joe Biden?

Throughout American history, both parties have accused the other of being evil. It’s a brilliant tactic that gets people fired up and motivated in order to defeat the other at the ballot box on Election. The negative is that we’ve used it so much that people have become desensitized to this claim.

I recently was a guest on the SGT Report, a show which is dedicated to getting the truth out there, no matter how unpopular that truth might be. The official description of the show is as follows:

Podcaster Jeff Dornik joins me to discuss Joe Biden, Justin Castro Trudeau and the tyranny of these evil men. Jeff and I also discuss medical tyranny and the actionable steps we can take to put an end to it.

The question that I’ve been mulling over in my mind since this interview is how do we convey just how evil Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau and the rest of the globalist monsters truly are when our side has been saying this about virtually every Democrat that’s come along over the past hundred years?

Now, that’s not to say that they weren’t evil. But at a certain point, people begin to tune you out.

The answer to the situation that we find ourselves in is to arm ourselves with the truth. Go have conversations with your Lefty friends and family who think that Joe Biden is doing a great job (I don’t know anybody could make this claim, but there are are millions of Americans out there that actually believe this) and instead of just making personal attacks and insults against Biden & Co, point out the facts.

Gas prices are higher because Joe Biden stopped buying our own oil and, instead, started buying from Russia. Then, when he put sanctions on Russia, our supply went down and prices went up. That’s Joe Biden’s fault for not allowing us to be energy independent, like we were under Donald Trump.

Inflation is skyrocketing, and that is a direct result of Joe Biden’s policies. Supply chain issues are occurring because they’ve limited our imports on the ships from China and other countries. Additionally, the constant printing of money is devaluing our dollar on a daily basis.

Walk people through examples like this, and you’ll begin to see a light go off in their head. You’ll never chance someone’s mind by telling them they are wrong. You’ll change their mind by forcing them to rethink their positions.

Joe Biden is evil. That is a fact. He's intentionally pushing us towards The Great Reset. There's no getting around that. We're witnessing the utter destruction of America, and unless we change course shortly, America is done.

So go get to work red-pilling your friends and family ASAP!

With inflation skyrocketing under Joe Biden’s presidency, anyone with a brain sees that our economy is hurtling towards a cliff. One way that people are protecting themselves is by investing in gold and precious metals. I highly encourage you to check out Our Gold Guy, fill out the form and let him know that Jeff Dornik sent you. They have some of the lowest prices in the industry, and he’s an America First patriot who loves this country. Go to today!



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