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Jeff Dornik: Most Candidates Don't Really Want To Win... Here's Why Some Of Them Are Running

There's a dirty little secret in politics... which is that running for political office, especially within the federal government, can pay extremely well... even if the candidate has zero chance of winning.

According to U.S. law, candidates can pay themselves a salary equivalent to that of the position they are running for. So, for example, the presidential candidates can all pay themselves a salary of $400,000 a year to run for office, whether they are competitive or not.

Many are asking why so many are jumping into the race for president when they know it's going to come down to Trump vs DeSantis. Well, if you can fundraise a bit, you can show up to a few events, write-off your travel expenses and pay yourself a comfortable salary... all while polling at 0.7%.

Jeff Dornik broke it all down during a recent episode of I'm Fired Up on Red Voice Media:

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