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Alleged President Biden Uses Fear Tactics Targeting African-Americans Regarding Government Shutdown

Facing a government shutdown if budget negotiations do not resolve the conflict between the two parties, Alleged President Joe Biden took to fear tactics in an attempt to outrage African-Americans and turn them against what the GOP is attempting to do in reigning in our spending and debt. When you think about it, this tactic is quite racist, as it's assuming that just because of the color of our skin, the shutdown will harm you more than other races.

Real News, Not Bullshit, posted the vide of the Alleged President reading his fearmongering script. Here's what they wrote in their Instagram caption:

While speaking at the White House, President Biden says that a possible government shutdown, which he argues Republicans are pushing for, will hurt the black community in America.

President Biden: “The black community in particular, is going to suffer if that occurs. For example, a shutdown is going to diminish nutrition assistance to 7,000,000 moms and children. It’s going to disproportionately affect black families. The Department of Housing and Urban Development would have to stop nearly all its enforcement work fighting housing discrimination.”

The president continued, “Funding the government is one of the most basic fundamental responsibilities of the Congress. If Republicans in the house don’t start doing their jobs, then we should stop electing them.”

This comes as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other republican lawmakers hope to convince “republican holdouts” to pass spending bills that they have so far refused.

Republican lawmakers who do not support the current funding bills are seeking to:

1) Undo a deal President Biden and Speaker McCarthy reached earlier this year that set new government funding levels (they want the government to lower spending levels).

2) Cut back or end funding for the war in Ukraine.

Here’s what the White House & Democrats are saying:

In a statement, the White House said, "With less than one week before the end of the fiscal year, extreme House Republicans are playing partisan games with peoples’ lives and marching our country toward a government shutdown that would have damaging impacts across the country."

With our nation's debt completely out of control, each of us have to think about how we can protect our money. It seems as if the federal government's solution is to always print more money so that they can continue to spend more money. That's only harming you and I through inflation.

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