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Mike Lindell's Plan to Fix the Voting System... Can It Work?

Mike Lindell is a true American Patriot. He loves this country and puts his money where his mouth is in a world where most people just talk, but do very little in the action department. Lindell is a different beast, altogether.

He's working to save this country by exposing election fraud, and he's been quite successful. He's the driving force behind Kari Lake's challenge of her rigged election in Arizona. Her case got the furthest out of any that I've seen in challenging the results of the 2022 Election.

But the question I continually get is this: We still haven't fixed the 2020 and 2022 Elections... why should we even vote come 2024?

I always say that we need to vote in droves, even if the election is rigged. Why? It gives us another chance to catch them in the act, especially now that we have a better understanding of how they do it. We can't let them win without cheating, or else they have plausible deniability and we have zero chance of saving our country.

Plus, Mike Lindell has a plan... a plan to fix the elections BEFORE 2024. On August 16th and 17th, he's going to lay out that plan during a FREE livestream event August 16th and 17th called The Plan: Revealed. It involves each of our individual participation, so be sure that you tune in. To watch it, you'll need to register. Remember, it's absolutely FREE. Additionally, when you register for the event use promo code FFN to get a free gift from Mr Lindell himself.

Then, head on over to MyPillow and start shopping. We need to support Mike Lindell, as he and his business have taken massive hits for the simple fact that he loves this country and wants to fix our rigged election system. So go shopping today and use discount code FFN to get some MASSIVE discounts. Here's some of the deals currently available if you use promo code FFN:

- Giza Dream Bed Sheets - 50% off!

- MyPillow 2.0 - Buy one get one free!

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- MyPillow Sandals - As low as $19.98

- 2' Mattress Topper - 50% off!

And so much more! Again, use discount code FFN when you shop at MyPillow to take advantage of all of these discounts.



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