It’s Going to Take More Than Just Getting Trump in the White House to Save America

I recently jumped on the Sergeant and The Samurai Podcast with the intention of discussing the 2022 Mid-Term Elections, but we barely discussed that. Instead, we took a deep dive into the corrupt American system that is far from what our Founding Fathers originally intended it to be.

Instead of a nation built on self-governance, we have a centralized government that is working in conjunction with all of the Bigs: Big Pharma, Big Business, Big Food, Big Ag, Big Media, Big Tech, etc. This collusion has led to the downfall of America, and is evidence that to save our nation we’ll need more than to elect politicians to office.

The corruption is so deeply entrenched that there is no easy fix. These powers-that-be are creating problems, and then provide solutions that do nothing but strip us of our Constitutional Rights and enrich these elites with more money and power. The real villains are not necessarily the Democrats, but the wealthy elites behind these massive corporations that are using the American government to implement their evil plans.

Take covid as an easy example: Our own government funded the development of cov-2, which then led to the fast rollout of the supposed vaccines (otherwise known as bioweapon injections). The results have been disastrous for us as American citizens, but have made the powerful elites filthy rich and centralized the power even more. Our government has lined the pockets of Big Pharma by not only funding both the virus and the jabs, but also shielding them from liability in the millions of deaths caused by the jabs.

Another example I cited during this interview is that the same company (Bayer) that puts out Roundup weed killer which is wrecking havoc on our population’s health, also manufactures Aspirin to mask the symptoms and pain that it is causing.

It’s time to begin rejecting the power structure currently in place. Stop expecting any one politician to save the day. Stop supporting any of the “Big” companies that are at the root cause of the power structure today. Begin supporting local businesses and take responsibility for your health by eating healthy and living a clean lifestyle.

There’s a lot that we can do to take steps in the right direction as we fight to save America. However, none of them are quick fixes. We’ve got to focus on the long game.

After last night’s announcement that Donald Trump is running for president again, it’s vitally important that we don’t just sit back and wait for him to save the day. It’s going to take way more than just electing the right president. Yes, he can work on fixing the corruption within the government, but we’ve also got to fix the corruption outside of the government.

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s our only chance at saving the greatest nation in the history of the world.

If you missed the last episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with Man in Ameirca’s Seth Holehouse, be sure to check it out here:

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