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If We Don’t End Medical Tyranny, We’ll Never Be Free

I recently joined Dan Happel and Thumper on Patriots’ Soapbox to discuss our recent American Action Summit: End Medical Tyranny and the importance of preserving medical freedom. For many, the fight over covid-19 restrictions is a way to protect themselves and their families from physical harm. Unfortunately, this is even bigger than this virus or the pharmaceutical drugs being pushed by Big Pharma and our government.

If we don’t have bodily autonomy, we are no longer free. The idea that someone who is not you or your doctor can dictate what kind of medical treatment you must receive is a direct violation of the Nuremberg Law. We have corrupt politicians and businesspeople deciding behind closed doors what you must be required to inject into your body without giving a second thought to the ramifications of these decisions.

Yes, the results of this corruption has been catastrophic from a medical perspective. We have at least tens of thousands of Americans dying because of the mRNA covid-19 Poison Death Shot. We have at least hundreds of thousands of serious side effects resulting directly from The Jab. This is awful, but not even getting down to the most important aspect of this fight.

What we are facing is the future of humanity. The idea that the supposed Leader of the Free World is no longer free should shake you to your core. If you no longer have the freedom to decide what kind of medical care you should receive, you are no longer an autonomous individual. You are now property of The State.

Our Founding Fathers established America for the sole purpose of recognizing that the individual is created in the image of God and should be responsible to Him first, not the almighty government. Our government was intended to do nothing more than protect us from foreign invaders and ensure that our Constitutional Rights, which are given to us by God Himself, are preserved.

Unfortunately, that has fallen to the wayside and we’ve witnessed an atheistic Democrat Party systematically strips us of our Constitutional Rights and, ultimately, our bodily autonomy. We are no longer an individual that has value in simply being created in God’s image. Instead, we have no value as an individual, but only in the collective. This is extremely dangerous.

It’s time for the freedom loving patriots to rise up and save America. This means that we must stand on our soapboxes and proclaim the truth with the hopes of red-pilling the American people. This means getting involved in local politics, where your rights can be preserved and protected more effectively.

The time is now. If we wait much longer, we won’t have an America to save.

One thing that you can do to get started is get equipped with the understanding of exactly how the Left was able to infiltrated the American systems to overthrow the government. I highly recommend you grab a copy of the book Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America. Written by authors like Pastor Greg Locke, Denise McAllister, JD Rucker and yours truly, this book will break down exactly how America was overthrown. Once you understand this, you’ll know how to undo it. Use code JEFF for 20% off at

Watch my interview on Patriots' Soapbox here:

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