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I Got The ‘Rona… Here’s How I Survived

Over the Christmas holidays, I got covid-19. According to my doctor, I actually got Omicron, specifically. Let me say from the onset, I’m not vaccinated for covid-19. That should be obvious for anyone who follows me show.

When I told my lefty friends that I got the ‘rona, they were shocked and terrified on my behalf. They lectured me on being unvaccinated, saying that Omicron was going to kill me. Literally, my friends were saying that I was going to die from the Wuhan Flu.

When I broke the news to my conservative friends, the immediate response was, “Congratulations! Now you’ve got the antibodies!” I think you can tell which side is living in fear.

I recently joined an episode of Dustin Faulkner’s show Battlefront: Frontline, which is carried on Freedom First Network. My segment also featured Dr Mark Sherwood, who has been one of the frontline covid doctors. He’s treated almost 10,000 covid patients with zero deaths and no need for ivermectin.

I recounted my experience with covid, where I had a migraine headache, a mild fever and a slight dry cough for about 48 hours. No vaccine. No prescription drugs. No ivermectin. Just my natural immunity and a supplement regimen from my doctor, which is almost identical to what Dr Mark Sherwood.

Now, I’m not a doctor, and I’m not prescribing anyone take this without consulting with your physician first, preferably a naturopathic doctor. However, I wanted to list the protocol my doctor prescribes for those who get covid-19, as it was very effective with me.

1. Melatonin: 3mg-5mg before bed nightly

2. Quercetin: 500mg 3 times a day

3. Om Chaga or Host Defense Breathe: 2 caps twice daily of either medical mushroom supplement

4. Vitamin C: 2000mg 3-4 times a day or to bowel tolerance

5. Vitamin D: 25,000 IU/day x 5 days ONLY, decrease to 10,000 per day thereafter

6. Vitamin A: 250,000 IU/day x 5 days ONLY

7. Zinc: 30-50m twice daily WITH food. Will cause nausea on an empty stomach

I was never afraid of covid-19, as I’ve focused the last decade of my life on building up my immune system in general. I’ve taken it even more seriously over the last couple of years since covid hit the scene. I eat an all-organic diet of most meats and veggies, and when I do eat carbs it’s almost always gluten-free and paleo. Overall, I limit my carb intake and have almost no sugar.

Dr Sherwood explained that by changing your diet, exercising and sleeping well, you can also build up your immune system so that you no longer have to live in fear. I highly recommend that you take this seriously.

We don’t have a covid-19 pandemic in America. We have a sickness pandemic, where our citizens have been abusing their bodies by eating horrific foods and an unhealthy lifestyle. As we all know, most people that have died from covid-19 had four co-morbidities, such as diabetes, auto-immune diseases or cancer. A lot of which can be avoided simply by cleaning up your lifestyle.

Dr Sherwood also said that everyone needs to be getting 7-9 hours of sleep, as that’s the time when your body is fighting off diseases. I’ve taken that to heart and have made a contentious decision to make that happen, whenever possible.

One of my favorite sponsors is MyPillow, which has really changed my sleep game for the better. I used to toss and turn, and then wake up with neck and back pain. Since I switched to MyPillow, I sleep like a baby, waking up perfectly refreshed with no back, neck or shoulder pain whatsoever. Take the first step in taking care of your body and immune system by getting a good night’s sleep using a MyPillow. Orders yours today using code FFN for up to 66% off at



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