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How To Red Pill Your Brainwashed Friends

Despite the evidence continually pouring out that proves all of us tin-foil-hate "conspiracy theorists" have been right the whole time about Covid-19, the Poison Death Shots and the globalist agenda, many of those that were suckered into getting jabbed are so brainwashed that they cannot see the truth that is right in front of their nose.

Despite the fact that Covid-19 cases are skyrocketing, especially among those that have been vaxxed, these brainwashed Covid cultists are still lining up to get their scheduled booster shots. They are still running with the narrative that all of us that are unvaxxed are a danger to those who are jabbed, despite the glaring hypocrisy of the statement.

The double-speak that has been embraced by our society is becoming extremely frustrating for many conservatives who love the truth. How can we wake up our friends and family that have been gaslit into believe a lie? This is exactly what David Sumrall and I discussed during this episode of Discussion Island.

One faulty strategy that conservatives continually think will work is to jam statistics and data down the throats of unsuspecting Libs.

"Covid-19 has a fatality rate of less than 0.1%!"

"The vaccines are killing people, haven't you looked at the VAERS report?"

"California Covid cases are skyrocketing while Florida's are extremely low... This proves that the vaccines, masks and social distancing don't work!"

While each of these claims are factually true, the Left doesn't care. They've been lied to, gaslit and brainwashed into leaving in perpetual fear. So how do we wake these people up?

One strategy I've found to be very successful is to ask pointed questions, such as:

"Do you know how long the vaccines were tested for effectiveness?"

Normally, someone would say 4-6 months. Then you pull up the Pfizer report which the FDA cited as justification for the 95% effectiveness rate in its approval letter of the Comirnity vaccine, which points out that this 95% effectiveness was only proven for seven days after getting injected.

"If face masks, vaccines and lockdowns work, why are Covid cases skyrocketing in Los Angeles and San Francisco, while free Orange County's rates are 50% less?"

I could go on and on. But instead of hammering home the truth, get them to think for themselves. Ask them questions to force them to think critically and justify their belief system. Once they realize that they cannot rationally defend their position, it's the perfect opportunity to share with them the truth by pointing them to the science that they claim they believe in.

This is just one tactic you can use to red pill your friends and family. During our upcoming American Action Summit: End Medical Tyranny on February 5th, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Mark Sherwood, Pastor Greg Locke and Mindy Robinson are going to share more tools for your arsenal to turn the tides from Medical Tyranny to Medical Freedom.

How can I get my friends and family to understand the truth about Covid-19 and the vaccines? Can I get a religious exemption to keep my job if they're requiring a vaccine? What do I do if I've already been vaxxed? How can I protect myself from getting Covid? How can I pressure my state legislators to protect my Medical Freedom?

All these questions and more will be answered at this event, but the primary focus is on ACTION... what you can do to end medical tyranny.

Make sure you get registered for this one-of-a-kind summit at Use code JEFF for $10 off the livestream.




DJJ Nonya
DJJ Nonya

yup, The only conspiracy is that the conspiracy theories aren't conspiracies at all. Just like the Attempt to undue the 2016 election through the Russia collusion hoax was the only actual insurrection that ever was attempted in modern history. But once again liberals won't wake up and conservatives don't really care. The superbowl is coming and we have more important things to focus on.

Jeff Dornik
Jeff Dornik

We are way too comfortable with tyranny... Have to get the masses motivated for action!

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