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Big Pharma Weaponized the Unconstitutional EUAs to get the Masses Injected with Their Bioweapons

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

There’s a lot of people throwing a lot of wild conspiracy theories surround covid-19. Some of them are true. Some of them are not. Karen Kingston has been one of the few, in my opinion, that has continually held fast to the truth while so many others are going to and fro with the wind.

What’s fascinating to me is that the truth is crazier than the majority of the tin-foil hat unproven conspiracy theories.

I recently had the opportunity to guest host on Alan Keye’s show that’s aired on the radio and on BrighteonTV, and my guest was my good friend Karen Kingston. We took a deep dive into understanding the Emergency Use Authorization and how Big Pharma weaponized it to be able to get hundreds of millions of people injected with their bioweapons without going through the proper testing and trials.

As we’ve all heard since the vax began rolling out, these mRNA jabs never got past animal testing because they were literally killing them. So how did the FDA allow them to move past that and go straight into humans? The Emergency Use Authorization.

The EUA changed the standards from needing to be proven safe and effective to being potentially safe and effective.

Karen explained:

“It ‘may be safe and effective.’ They can submit this data, the FDA can see all of the animals died, and the manufacturer, Pfizer, can say, ‘Well, we don’t know if that’s going to happen in humans because we know animals respond differently than humans,’ and the FDA goes: OK!

“I mean, how does that make you feel? It’s insanity!”

Remember that Big Tech, the Mainstream Media and even our own government was telling us that the jabs are safe and effective. However, that was never actually proven. They were just claimed to be POSSIBLY safe and effective. That should piss off anyone who got jabbed… like we’ve been saying this whole time, you’ve been lied to.

One other thing to consider is that we’ve been told that the government is allowed to bypass the Constitution in a state of emergency. However, last I checked, there’s no asterisk in the United States Constitution that gives any government official that authority. You don’t get to arbitrarily suspend the Constitution. If you want to, you’d have to first legally pass an Amendment to give the government that authority.

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