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Covid-19 Is An Attempt To Get Americans To Willingly Hand Over Their Rights

We've got to understand WHY the world is crumbling all around us. It's definitely not a coincidence. It's an intentional push by the globalist elites to manipulate the world's population to willingly trade their remaining freedoms for perceived "safety."

I was recently a guest on Dr John Diamond's show America Unhinged on BrighteonTV. The guest host was Dr Mike Spaulding, who is also host of Dr Mike Live on my Christian podcast network The GateKeepers. We discussed a wide variety of topics, including Lin Wood's crazy accusations against Sidney Powell, the truth about vaccines and the importance of preserving our freedom.

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When it comes to freedom, that is what is truly under attack in America today. Covid-19 and the vaccines are simply the symptom of the problem. However, the root issue is the attack on our Constitutional rights.

Taking it even a step further, our rights being stripped away is actually an attack on the very existence of God.

Our Founding Fathers acknowledged that our rights are God-given and that the government does not have the authority to take them away. The Democrats, however, are systematically getting the American people to hand over our rights given to us by God for the perceived claim of "safety." This is replacing God with the government.

It's also enforcing to the American public that God does not actually exist. Think about it: If our rights are supposed to be given to us by our Creator, yet the government is actually taking them away, they are denying the very existence of God. If God doesn't exist, He didn't give us our rights, and thus our rights can be taken away by the government.

It's important to understand what's actually going on. When it comes to the fight over Medical Freedom, this is more than just a political or cultural battle... it's a spiritual battle over the very existence of God. If we want to save America we must turn back to Him.

On February 5th, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Mark Sherwood, Pastor Greg Locke, Mindy Robinson and several others will come together for one event simultaneously held in three locations across the country and live-streamed to the world. The focus is to equip and prepare you for ACTION to end the medical tyranny we face in response to Covid-19. Get registered today and use code FREEDOM for $10 off the livestream at

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