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Woke Mob Demands Disney Whitewash Films & Attractions in the Name of "Anti-Racism"

The Woke Mob is out of control. They've allowed men to dominate women's sports in the name of feminism. They've called for defunding the police in the name of justice. And now they are demanding Disney whitewash its films and attractions in the name of anti-racism. You literally can't make this up!

The outrage has ramped up again after last week's controversial cheer squad sang their school fight song which included the chant "scalp 'em Indians, scalp 'em" which the Left claims is "dehumanizing" Native Americans.

Now, it is 2022, so I'm surprised that a school would still include those lyrics in there fight song. With that said, the woke outrage mob has come out in full force against Disney with accusations of racism.

Target #1 appears to be the classic Disney film, Peter Pan, due to their depictions of Native Americans in traditional outfits. What's their solution? Delete them from both the film and the ride.

You'll find post after post with similar sentiments, all calling for Disney to delete the Native Americans from the ride and movie.

Now, stop and think about this for a second: Their solution is to literally whitewash the movie in the name of anti-racism. How in the world does that make sense?

This is how outrageous the Left has gotten... as predicted, they are now devouring their own. Disney is about as woke and progressive as companies get, and their own fans and employees are demanding more.

How in the world does eliminating people of color from a film and making it only white characters help end racism? It doesn't. And, unfortunately, Disney will probably appease the mob, who is so bloodthirsty that they'll just move onto the next target.

Let me give Disney CEO Bob "Paycheck" Chapek a little word of advice: Never apologize or give in to the mob.

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