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Why the DeSantis Strategy of Being the Anti-Lockdown Champion Doesn't Work

Rich Baris posted a thread on Twitter breaking down why Ron DeSantis' strategy of being the anti-lockdown candidate simply won't work:

The DeSantis strategy 'he's the anti-lockdown champion' isn't working for a few reasons, the biggest being 1) voters aren't stupid and 2) it's not true.

As (Robert Barnes) correctly pointed out, he was still threatening businesses 2+ months after Trump said, "the cure cannot be worse than the disease".

And let's not get started on masks and the vaccine. He was faster than most governors, but not exactly clean on this issue.

Here he is SUPER stoked to JAB this World War II Veteran with the Pfizer Shot.

He died shortly after.

Point being, politics are politics, and that's the nature of the game. But why are these angles not working for DeSantis AND, moreover, why are they dug in like ticks pretending nothing is wrong?

They attack everyone, and conduct ZERO introspection. It's rather pathetic.

You cannot credibly attack someone for believing Fauci and the white coats when this is what you were doing?

Truth be told, everyone was duped by the white coats. But someone most certainly realized it faster, while others were still jabbing WWII vets who later died on Fox News.



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