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Why is Congress Holding Hearings on Everything Except for the Most Important Issue We Face?

Big Tech censorship is important. But what's even more important are the covid bioweapon injections. Why won't Congress hold hearings about pulling these jabs off of the market?

Many Conservatives have been encouraged with the Congressional hearings that the new Republican Congress has been holding since Kevin McCarthy took over as Speaker of the House. We’re seeing conversations about gun control, free speech, Big Tech censorship and the like. They are even talking about taking on Anthony Fauci, CDC and FDA regarding their handling of covid and its origins.

My concern is that, while these are all topics that should be discussed, it seems to be a distraction from the most pressing issues we face as a nation.

Let me start by saying that the Republican Party is notorious for being the opposition. When the GOP has an opportunity to actually do something, they most often fail. Why? They thrive when in the minority.

The reality is that the Republican establishment knows that they can win money and hold onto power when they are fighting against a bogeyman. That could be Gavin Newsom. It could be Joe Biden. Before that it was Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. I’m told this is why McCarthy didn’t want the California State and County GOPs spending money on Gavin Newsom’s recall election… they needed him to fight against for fundraising.

So while it’s great that they are demanding answer from former Twitter staffers and government officials, will anything actually happen from these hearings? Will anyone be prosecuted for violating our First Amendment rights? Probably not. Will legislation be passed to fix any of these problems… with almost 100% certainty, no. The GOP is most outspoken when we literally cannot do anything.

Remember, we only control the House of Representatives. In order for legislation to be enacted, both the Senate and President have to sign off on it. This ensures that nothing will happen over the next two years.

Which brings me to my main point…

The most pressing issue we face as a nation is not the origins of covid. It’s not Section 230 and Big Tech censorship. It’s not even the truth about January 6th. While all of this are important, we are facing a much bigger monster that no one wants to see to touch.

The covid jabs are, by definition laid out in the United States Code, bioweapons. They do not stop you from contracting covid, spreading covid, getting seriously sick with covid, going to the hospital with covid or dying from covid. In fact, they make each of those instances more likely. And then throw on top of that all of the injuries, disabilities and death.

Where are the hearings regarding vaccine injuries and death? Where are the hearings calling for the jabs to be called off the market? Where are the hearings regarding the fraudulent data and studies that Pfizer & Co submitted to the FDA to justify their FDA Approval?

Over the past several months, we’ve seen the number of those injected dying right in front of us. In sporting events. Family members and friends. Celebrities. The list goes on and on. It’s happening quite literally by the millions. And everyone wants to turn a blind eye.

At what point will we take this issue seriously and demand our elected officials do something? That will take more than just being a keyboard warrior, but putting pressure on your representatives to confront this issue head on.

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Check out the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show discussing Joe Biden's State of the Union address:



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