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Whoopi Goldberg Claims Nazi Germany's Genocide Of The Jews Was Not Racist

Sometimes progressive celebrities say things so outlandish that even their own think they went too far in their wokeness. Case-in-point...

During a recent episode of ABC's The View, Leftist Whoopi Goldberg claimed that the Holocaust wasn't about race, but simply about "inhumanity to man." Here's exactly what she said:

“Let’s be truthful about it because Holocaust isn’t about race. It’s not about race. It’s not about race. It’s about man’s inhumanity to man.”

Even the other co-hosts were clearly taken aback at this outlandish claim. The fact remains, The Holocaust was the result of the racist view of Jews by Nazi Germany. They were considered "demons" and "less than," deserving to die.

What's interesting is that Goldberg applies this irrational perspective to the Holocaust, but when it comes to slavery and oppression of African-Americans, it's clearly a race issue. There's no consistency in her logic, whatsoever. To be clear: The Holocaust was racist towards the Jews, just as slavery in America was racist to the Black Community. There's no getting around that, and Whoopi knows better.

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This just goest to show you the antisemitic worldview that Hollywood has. While she wouldn't admit that she hates the Jews, the fact that she's rewriting history for the purpose of taking away the horrific murder and genocide of millions of Jewish people specifically for their race and ancestors, it's antisemitism in action.

As an American, I detest racists. We should not tolerate this kind of rewriting of history. The Holocaust was pure evil. Nazi Germany's genocide of the Jewish people was nothing short of racism at its worst. For Whoopi to claim that this wasn't racism is either extremely misguided or simply antisemitic. Given the history of Hollywood and the Leftist worldview, I'd say it's probably the latter.

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