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Whistleblowers of Project Veritas Stand with James O’Keefe in New Video

An amazing new video shows the whistleblowers of Project Veritas standing with founder and CEO James O’Keefe after the tyrannical board of directors unconscionably outed him.

In the video shared by Jack Posobiec, a plethora of former Project Veritas whistleblowers are standing with James O’Keefe, and it’s glorious.

Do you stand with James O’Keefe like his former whistleblowers? Check out the video below.

Jeff Dornik’s upcoming book Following the Leader exposes the Deep State’s tactic to lead us all astray. They tested this out with cults, religions and politicians, and now it’s playing out before our eyes. Click here to Pre-order a signed copy of Following the Leader.

This article was originally posted by our friends over at The DC Patriot.

Be sure to check out the latest episode of In The Foxhole with Karen Kingston & Jeff Dornik:

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