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We are constantly bombarded with buzzwords like misinformation, propaganda, gaslighting and fake news. Whether it’s the covid plandemic, election fraud, Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter, January 6th or a host of other issues, there’s so much conflicting information and perspectives that it’s hard to know what is actually going on.


This is all by design. If the powers-that-be can create confusion to where there is no more objective truth, they can begin to lead you in whatever direction they desire. Typically, this is by creating a cult of personality, which means that they create a leader of which large groups of people can follow.


Throughout Following the Leader, author Jeff Dornik breaks down the sinister strategy being employed to lead not just those on the Left astray, but also principled conservatives. They’ve largely been successful, but it’s important that we stop them in their tracks as quickly as possible.


This goes deeper than just a marketing ploy, but a strategy implemented by the Deep State and intelligence agencies. This is being weaponized against an unsuspecting population to gaslight and brainwash the American people, leading them astray from the truth and the hopes of willingly volunteering their rights and liberty away.


Following the Leader will force you to stop and reevaluate your positions and ask yourself, “What do I actually believe?” Are you just repeating what your leader told you, or do you actually believe what you are saying?


You won’t want to put this book down as the massive conspiracy begins to unravel that has found its way into almost every aspect of society. This is not an accidental occurrence, but a strategic move by the Deep State to get us to willingly walk right into the lion’s den. The only way to stop it is to break away from the system designed to brainwash you.




If only my GOP colleagues were as informed as Jeff Dornik. 

- Marjorie Taylor Greene 


I think (Jeff Dornik’s) Substack is one of the best out there.

- Dr Peter McCullough


"(Jeff Dornik) is a beacon of truth and a fantastic orator."

- Sean from SGT Report

Following the Leader

All pre-ordered copies of Following the Leader will be signed copies. Expected release by the end of 2023.
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