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Was Mitch McConnell "Turned Off" By His Handler?

Something strange is going on in regards to Mitch McConnell "freezing" at the podium during his speech the other day. None of it makes any sense. What makes it stranger is what happened quite literally the second he froze.

The Instagram account @the100human posted something that many are not catching:

This is Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader of the United States Senate. A lot of people have seen this clip, but did they notice the woman in green?

Far too much strangeness coming out of politics of late. And it is strangeness that is on full display. What is going on here? Why did she touch him twice while he was talking to the press? Is the woman his handler? Next question, do they all have handlers? ...

Who are these people, really?

We clearly cannot trust our "elected" officials, as we don't know who's sold out to the Deep State or not. We also don't know who is duly elected or not. That is why we need to fix our elections from the rigging that's been going on for years. Mike Lindell has a plan, and he's going to reveal it August 16th and 17th during his FREE livestream event, which you can register for today! Use promo code FFN to get a free gift when you sign up.



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