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#WalkAway's Viral Campaign Comes to Conclusion With HUGE Announcement Today

Today is Sunday, which means that Brandon Straka and WalkAway have a massive announcement coming as the conclusion of their three-part viral video series called "The American Prisoner."

The Left has done everything within their power to completely cancel Straka, which includes weaponizing the Department of Justice against him (and many others) after January 6th with bogus charges meant to make an example of him.

While the last couple of years have clearly been difficult for him, Brandon's resiliency and desire to wake up the Left has proven to be too much for the powers-that-be dead set on destroying him and the movement he started.

The first two videos have been teasing us with a big announcement set to be released later today, as WalkAway is officially relaunching.

Here's the first two videos that have been released in this viral series:

I've had the honor of having Brandon on my show a couple of times, and I've absolutely loved our conversations. We need more Conservatives that are actively engaging in red-pilling America. Unfortunately, our side of the aisle loves to just talk too each other as opposed to winning the hearts and minds of the misguided and brainwashed Left.

Brandon Straka is one of the few that are dead-set on saving America by waking up Democrats and showing them that the party they pledge allegiance to does not have their best interests at heart. I 100% endorse the WalkAway Movement, and am looking forward to their big announcement.

In the meantime, you can check out both of my interviews with Brandon here:

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