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Trump vs DeSantis is One Giant Distraction That May Work in Trump’s Favor

The back and forth between the two leading 2024 GOP presidential candidates may be a net positive for President Trump.

Not that long ago, the MAGA Movement loved Ron DeSantis for his strong stance against the tyranny of the Federal Government as well as the Leftist agenda within his state. Whether it was Critical Race Theory being taught in schools, pushing transgenderism onto little kids in kindergarten or standing for medical freedom, Governor DeSantis has been praised by countless conservatives from all corners of the Republican Party, including the America First Movement.

Then the rumblings that DeSantis might want to run for president began leaking out, which then began splitting the MAGA Movement. The diehard Trump supporters began circling their wagons around their leader and immediately began attacking the Florida Governor with a vengeance.

Then there were the other Trump supporters that saw DeSantis as a mini-Trump that was also more aligned with them when it comes to covid and the jab. As I’ve been saying for months, Operation Warp Speed is Donald Trump’s Achilles heel when it comes to his 2024 presidential campaign, and Ron DeSantis knows this.

Many of us have been warning the Trump that he needs to change course. If he had decided to change his position on the covid bioweapon injection, then he could have avoided DeSantis even getting in the race. But because he’s continually bragging about how effective the covid jab is and that it’s his greatest accomplishment as president, DeSantis saw an opportunity… and he’s taking it (unofficially, of course).

Over the last couple of months, Donald Trump has really set his sights on Ron DeSantis, calling him Ron DeSanctimonious and hurling all sorts of personal insults at him. Just this week, he even insinuated that DeSantis might be gay or even a pedophile. All this and DeSantis hasn’t even announced that he’s running for president yet.

DeSantis then went on Piers Morgan’s show and threw some insults back at Trump. It’s clear that this is going to be the way the 2024 GOP Primaries will be fought.

On one hand, it’s frustrating, as I want the debates to be about policy differences and laying out their vision for America. However, on the other hand, this is actually perfect timing for this kind of distraction for President Trump.

You see, he’s positioning himself as the candidate that the powers-that-be want to take out… which is true. He’s facing being indicted this week for funneling campaign funds to pay of porn star Stormy Daniels in an attempt to keep her quiet for their alleged affair. Whether it really happened or not (all the evidence points to the fact that it did), the typical punishment for this kind of campaign finance violation is a fine, of which the Clintons, Obamas and many other politicians have paid over the years.

The District Attorney in New York is setting his sights on Donald Trump to make a spectacle of him, clearly for political reasons. This is the weaponization of the government against political opponents, which is devolving our judicial system into that of a third world country.

It’s also keeping Trump in the news and allowing him to portray himself as the candidate the Left is most afraid of. Again, this is a factual statement.

So what’s with the back and forth with DeSantis? Who does this benefit?

Given that these attacks are being hurled this week, it could be that Trump is attempting to show the world that he can withstand the personal attacks and smear campaigns, while others like Ron DeSantis may not be able to weather them in the long-term. Trump has already proven he can withstand even the most over-the-top crazy accusations… things that most politicians would have their careers ended over.

He’s also forcing people to decide whether to support him or DeSantis right now. For his base, they are even more committed to see Trump as president come 2024.

And finally, this scuffle with DeSantis may be a distraction from the details of his impending indictment so that all anyone is talking about is that he’s the victim of a weaponized government and his fight with DeSantis.

All this to say, it may seem like chaos… and it is. But chaos is what Trump thrives on, and it may be his winning strategy. Only time will tell…

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