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This Deep State PSYOP is Getting Conservatives to Willingly Turn Their Back on the Constitution

America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth and, I would argue, of all time. What makes America so great? The strength of our military? Our embracement of capitalism? To put it simply: No.

What makes America Great is our Founding Principles laid out in the Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States of America. It all hinges on the belief that our Constitutional Rights are given to us by God and the government has zero authority to take them away.

This belief has been under attack, especially during the last few years. The Left has acted as if are rights can be taken away during a declared State of Emergency. However, last I checked, there are no exceptions or asterisks in the Constitution. Again, our rights are given to us by God, and thus they cannot be taken away by the government under any circumstance.

Lefties will point out previous examples in American history where the government DID take away our rights for the overall safety and security of our nation. They’ll cite the Patriot Act, go back to World War II or even Abraham Lincoln with some of his Big Government actions. While these examples do show that the government has violated our God-given rights, they are not evidence that our rights should be taken away.

This fight over Constitutional Rights is bigger than just your personal rights. It comes down to our children and grandchildren being able to experience freedom and liberty. And, even more important than that, this fight comes down to our believe in the very existence of God, Himself.

The Left is attempting to deny God’s existence, which then eliminates our Rights Giver, which means that we actually have no rights. We cannot lose this fight… the future of humanity depends upon it.

Unfortunately, there’s been a massive PSYOP within the Conservative Movement which is undermining this belief. Whether it’s being implemented by the FBI, CIA or some other Deep State Power-That-Be, it all comes down to getting conservatives to be willing to forego their Constitutional Rights willingly, all in the name of combatting those that desire to strip us of our rights. It’s truly mind-boggling that so many have bought into this hook, line and sinker, but it’s actually a very effective strategy.

Since Donald Trump came onto the political scene, we’ve seen several different conspiracy theories take hold within our movement, including Devolution, Q and the belief that Trump is working with the military to take out the Deep State. When you take a deep dive into some of these claims, if true, they violate the United States Constitution.

Here are a few examples:

There are many that claim that the military is going to swoop in and arrest Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats and RINOs, take them down to Gitmo and hang them for treason. What’s the problem? Each of these men and women and United States citizens. That means that they have constitutional rights, which include due process. Additionally, the military does not have jurisdiction over US citizens, but to protect against foreign powers.

Another example is the belief can be found within the Devolution theories, which state that before he left office, Trump suspended the Constitution, which means that the 2020 Certification of the Election never actually went into effect. As I stated before, there are no asterisks within the Constitution. This means that the president does not have the Constitutional authority to suspend the Constitution.

The last example I’d like to cite is that Donald Trump knowingly allowed the bioweapon injection to be released into the American people as a trap against the Deep State. The claim is that by doing this, he allowed us to see just how corrupt Fauci and Big Pharma actually are. What’s the problem with this? That would mean that Trump knowingly allowed millions of people to die without consent, violating their very fundamental right to life.

The response I get from the believers of some of these theories are that we are in war, so there’s going to be collateral damages, such as with the covid bioweapon injections. Not only is this a cruelly callous response, but not only did these individuals die without consenting to bioweapons being injected into their bodies, but they were “collateral damage” in a war that they didn’t even know existed. It would be one thing to live in Afghanistan during the war there and understand the risks of being near ISIS. It’s another to have no knowledge of what’s going on and be collateral damage of a secret war, depriving millions of their right to life.

The other response I hear is that they want to defeat the Deep State by whatever means necessary, even if that means foregoing our Constitutional Rights. Let me remind you of a saying that I always heard growing up… two wrongs don’t make a right.

To defeat the enemy, we need to hold dear to the Constitution, not destroy it. If we give up our Constitution in the hopes of being able to take out the Deep State, we are actually playing right into their hands. They hate the Constitution because it acknowledges God, that we are created in His image and that our rights are given to us by Him.

This is exactly why I strongly believe that the enemy has planted these theories within our movement. It’s a PSYOP attempting us to hand over our God-given Constitutional Rights willingly. In the past it was justified by exchanging our rights for safety. Now it’s for the purposes of winning the war against the Deep State. The end result is one and the same, and the Powers-That-Be understand that.

If we are going to defeat the Globalists, the Deep State and the Powers-That-Be, we must do so by faithfully holding fast to our United States Constitution. It’s our only chance of winning. If we sacrifice our principles, we have zero shot of winning.

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