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The Sycophantic Behavior of the America First Movement May Become its Downfall

Ever since Donald Trump came down the escalator that famous day in 2015 to announce that he would run for President of the United States of America, the Mainstream Media, the Swamp in DC and Big Tech all colluded to do whatever they could to keep Trump out of the White House. They were ultimately successful in the 2020 Election to literally steal the election from him and hand it over to the dementia patient who is now the Alleged President.

As we all know, the attacks against Trump have been baseless, ruthless and unending. Trump’s base, of which I’ve been a part of from Day 1, has been fervently defending him at every turn, whether it’s RussiaGate, Stormy Daniels, January 6th, his Twitter behavior, foreign policy decisions and the list goes on and on.

There’s a danger that I’ve been noticing within our movement, and it’s a direct result of the constant need to defend President Trump from the Left’s attacks. We, as a movement, have become sycophants that always defend Trump, no matter what.

Donald Trump is the greatest president of my lifetime. He created the greatest economy in American history, along with the lowest Black unemployment rate ever. His strong pro-life stance surprised many principled conservatives that had concerns with him during the 2016 Election. He’s the first and only modern president to not start any new wars. I could go on and on with all of the things that he did that were good for America.

The problem is how we, as the America First Movement, respond when Trump does something not good. For example, his continual cozying up with Swamp Creatures like Lindsey Graham and Kevin McCarthy. Or raising money to fight Election Fraud, but have nothing to show for it. Or his almost complete ignorance of the J6 Prisoners.

It seems as if no matter what Trump does, his sycophantic supporters will defend him. Some say he’s got a secret plan that we have to trust. Others will immediately go to saying that at least he’s not as bad as such-and-such. Or, they’ll just flat-out deny what’s he’s clearly doing.

One of the most obvious examples of this blind allegiance to Donald Trump is in regards to the covid “vaccine.” The majority of the MAGA Movement, his supporters, are anti-jab. This is directly at odds with Donald Trump’s continual promotion of the bioweapon injections as one of his greatest accomplishments, even going so far as to claim that he’s saved up to a hundred million lives due to the shot.

Now, to be clear, that is simply a bald-faced untruth. The shot has not stopped anyone from contracting or spreading covid, from getting seriously ill, going to the hospital or even dying. It’s actually made the injected more likely to experience those, plus through in the mixed bag of adverse reactions causing injury, disability and death. More than a million people have died from the jabs, and tens of millions have had adverse reactions. And Trump is still acting as if they are safe and effective.

When his supporters are confronted with the fact that Trump is living in a fantasy world that is not in line with reality, the anti-vaxx Trump sycophants will still defend him.

“At least he never mandated the vaxx.”

“Trump’s vaccines WERE safe and effective, but they changed them under Biden to be harmful.”

“Trump was lied to by Fauci.”

“Trump is still better than DeSantis.”

Here’s the problem with all of these… they are either not true or a deflection from Trump’s actual position.

Now, I want to be clear, I’m not critiquing Trump to get people to not vote for him. I’m not a DeSantis guy, as I have some concerns about his globalist ties to the Establishment GOP and the World Economic Forum. If the election were today, I would vote for Donald Trump to be the GOP nominee for President.

However, I can critique Trump’s position while still being a part of the America First Movement. A criticism is not an attack on his entire agenda or all of his amazing accomplishments. It’s simply a critique of a particular issue that I believe he’s getting wrong. The goal is not to turn voters away, but to have an honest discussion about this vitally important issue.

I believe that the America First Movement’s refusal to have open and honest debate is going to become its downfall. Remember that we always complain about the Left being intolerant and refusing to engage with conservatives, yet we are doing the same thing on our side. Why is our side behaving just like the bad guys?

The America First Movement is not about Donald Trump… or at least it shouldn’t be. It’s about the principles that Trump laid out which will save America. That’s the unifying factor. When it’s about principles instead of personalities, we can have an open and honest discussion about our points of disagreement and let the truth win out.

However, if we become so narrow-minded that we can’t tolerate criticism or demand cult-like devotion to one man, we will see the America First Movement crash and burn. We cannot allow that to happen, as the movement is the only viable collection of people motivated to save America at the moment.

It’s time to wake up, people. Trump may be the best man for the job in 2024, but he’s not perfect. He’s not our Savior. It’s time to shift our focus from Trump the man to Trump and his political positions. That’s the only path to victory if we want to Make America Great Again.

Watch the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show discussing Steven Crowder vs The Daily Wire:



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