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The GOP Is Enabling Sex Trafficking By Not Ending Illegal Immigration When They Had A Chance

Richard Welch is running for Congress to represent Texas’ 38th District. His primary motivation for running for office is to end the sex trafficking at the border, fueled by the cartels and illegal immigration. He’s a Constitutional Conservative and an outsider that is refusing to compromise his beliefs.

Sex trafficking is one of the most rampant yet underreported crimes in our country. More than likely, it’s because many of our political and cultural leaders are involved in it in one way or another.

Luckily, the past couple of years we’ve seen an uptick in awareness about this awful crime. To a certain degree, however, the focus has been on the symptoms not the root source. What do I mean by this?

Many within the Q movement have been focusing on the political and entertainment figures involved in sex trafficking. We saw the outcry against people like Jeffrey Epstein, who did not hang himself, by the way. This is a good thing that people are becoming aware of just how widespread this horrific crime actually is.

If we only focus on the world leaders participating in this sick and disgusting practice, we’ll never actually put a stop to this criminal activity. They way to end sex trafficking is to cut it off at the source.

For much of the sex trafficking, it’s happening at the border by the Mexican cartels. Richard Welch has seem this criminal activity occurring in his own backyard of Texas and saw that the GOP leaders simply are not doing anything to put an end to this. So, like patriots do, he got in the game and decided to run for Congress to represent the 38th dDstrict of Texas.

“I’m not seeing anything about (sex trafficking), except maybe a tweet here and there or people go down to the border for their five minutes of fame,” Welch said during my interview with him on The Jeff Dornik Show. “But what I don’t see is action.”

He is absolutely correct… the GOP talks a big game, but they have a historical pattern of refusing to actually fix the problems when they are given the opportunity. The reality is that they need a bogeyman to fight against in order to get re-elected and raise many, and that is always the Democrats. The Republican Party thrives as the minority, since they’ve perfected the art of whining and complaining, but are terrified of actually being in charge.

When it comes to illegal immigration, we are losing the messaging war. Republicans tend to focus on jobs and the economy, while Democrats tug at the heartstrings of their base, laying out the case as to why we need to help these poor people simply coming to America to escape violence and make a better life for them and their families.

While it is true that the vast majority of illegal immigrants are coming to America to make a better life for themselves and just want their families to be safe, because of our terrible border policies, they are forced to make a deal with the cartels to smuggle them across the border.

The cartels are worse than any gang you can think of. They see these illegal immigrants as nothing more than slabs of meat for them to use at their discretion. They charge these poor people thousands of dollars per person, then rape the women and girls and use them as distractions to smuggle drugs across the border. On top of that, they’ll take young girls and sell them into sex slavery, which is thriving on the black market here in the United States of America.

Welch explained that “We have girls getting found by border patrol with baggies full of pills. They aren’t drugs, they’re morning after pills because these girls are getting raped the entire path to our border, and it’s just sick.”

When these illegal immigrants begin the trek to America, they know that the cartels are evil animals who will rape their daughters and wives along the way. Everyone, however, turns a blind eye to this.

While the Democrats claim that they are the compassionate ones for these illegal immigrants, the truth is that they are nothing more than enablers of the cartels and their sex trafficking.

The most compassionate thing that we can do for these young girls getting raped and sold into sex trafficking is to shut down the border, which takes the power away from the cartels. The Left loves to claim that they are the party of #MeToo, except when it comes to Latina girls getting raped by gang members and sold into sex slavery.

Richard Welch is definitely an outsider. He’s not a politician. But he sees an opportunity to actually do something to end these horrific crimes committed against young girls by the monsters in the cartels. Welch is the kind of Representative we need to send to Washington DC.

To contribute and get involved in Richard Welch’s campaign, please visit

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Feb 17, 2022

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Virginia B Leggett
Virginia B Leggett
Feb 16, 2022

Your story isn't true!!!! GOP has been fighting Biden and Harris open door immigration policies since he took office!!!! LET'S put this on the ones who are really allowing this to happen and that's the democrats!!!!

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