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The American Healthcare System has Been Systematically Destroyed.. Here's How We Begin to Rebuild It

The path to fixing our medical industry starts with each of us taking control of our own health.

Remember the fact that the Left continually accuses others of doing what they, themselves are doing. For example, Bernie Sanders and Company have been railing against Big Pharma for years and years, accusing them of all sorts of atrocities. Then, covid hits, and all of a sudden Big Pharma immediately switches from being the villains to the heroes.

The same can be said for the healthcare system. During Obama’s term as president, they talked about the greedy hospitals and doctors, then used that to usher in Obamacare, which forever destroyed the American healthcare system.

After Obamacare went into effect, many doctors stopped taking insurance. In many instances, they would be compensated less than their cost from insurance and Medicare. So their response? Leave the current system altogether and start an independent practice.

We can learn from them by doing the same.

One of the things that covid taught us is that doctors are not independent, in general. Most don’t own their own practice and are simply employees of a Big Healthcare corporation. This means that they simply take orders from their bosses on how to treat patients.

This means that doctors are no longer treating patients based upon their own training and expertise, but based upon what some executive declares is how their company wants to treat patients.

The results have been disastrous. Doctors began pushing the covid shots as if they were candy, only to have their patients get myocarditis, neurological issues and even contract covid at greater rates… but the explanation was always that it was IMPOSSIBLE that the jabs did this… it had to have been something else.

Because of this development, many stopped trusting their doctors and refused to take their family to see the doctor because that trust had been broken. Doctors no longer did what was best for their patients, but what they were told to do by executives and bureaucrats.

Obviously, we still need healthcare and to see doctors, but many don’t know where to turn. Where can you find a doctor that is not going to pump you and your family full of dangerous “vaccines” or pharmaceutical drugs every chance they get?

First, you should definitely go see a naturopath, who will take a more holistic and preventative perspective in treating you. Secondly, however, you can also turn to a telehealth service such as GlobalTekMD.

The beauty of GlobalTekMD is that their board includes people like Gen Michael Flynn, Dr Judy Mikovits, Ann Vandersteel and Dr Stella Immanuel, so you know that they are NOT going to be telling you to get injected with the bioweapon shot. Additionally, if you do contract covid, they can and will prescribe you with Ivermectin and HCQ. They are not beholden to Big Pharma in any way, which means they are putting you, the patient, first.

And, on top of that, it’s much more affordable than going to your traditional doctor’s office. For only $29.95 a month, you and your whole family get access to doctors on-demand with their telehealth service, and they are able to order lab work and write prescriptions, if needed. If you use code JEFF you can get your first month for only $9.95! Click here to sign up now.

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