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RFK Jr: I would put a statue of Snowden in Washington … Assange I’m going to pardon on Day 1

by Ethan Huff, Natural News

It appears we finally have a true American patriot running for president in 2024 who just might be lots of talk plus action rather than all talk and no action like his predecessors.

That patriot is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy who, like his uncle, is rattling many cages in Washington, D.C., as he embarks on winning the White House next year as a Democrat – but not just any Democrat.

Kennedy barely even resembles your modern-day Democrat, in fact. He wants to close America’s porous southern border, secure free and fair elections, end censorship, promote health freedom, and pardon two heroes who were unfairly targeted by the deep state for telling the truth: Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

“What Snowden released, nobody in our country knew about it, that the intelligence agencies were mining all of our data and spying on Americans,” Kennedy said in a recent interview, which you can watch a clip of below:

“Remember the Congress didn’t know? I remember members of Congress calling me and saying ‘tell me what’s going on. I’m on the intelligence committee and I haven’t heard this,'” the host said in agreement with Kennedy’s statements.

“Yeah, and Congress then went and acted on what he told them to change the rules. I mean, how are you making this guy a criminal? He’s an American hero. Yeah, I am going to pardon those guys up front. I’m going to look at their cases, Assange, I’m going to pardon him, number one.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the BEST candidate for the White House in 2024

Keep in mind that even Donald Trump, despite all his promises about “draining the swamp,” was apparently too afraid to even mention pardoning Assange, let alone actually doing it. Now we have Kennedy putting the D.C. swamp on blast with promises to set the guy free.

Many American patriots begged Trump in his final days to pardon Assange, like he did many others, but instead he “enjoyed his Christmas while Julian languished in prison,” to quote Twitter user “Terry Van Loon.”

“THAT is the answer to those whining today that the Espionage Act is designed for political prosecutions,” Loon added in support of Kennedy’s promises to not only pardon Snowden and Assange but also to erect a statue of Snowden in the District of Criminals.

“He’s the only choice really,” wrote another about how only Kennedy is making these kinds of promises, and boldly so in such a way that does not involve grandstanding and empty political rhetoric – because Kennedy has been speaking his mind for years on these and other issues, mainly related to health.

“He should also put Snowden’s picture in the NSA and CIA building lobbies,” wrote someone else about how Kennedy can really stick it to ’em.

“I’m a Republican but I think I’m voting for RFK Jr. this election,” said another. “He’s the energy of calm I think our country needs.”

Numerous others agreed, emphasizing that Kennedy is intelligent, reasonable, and tough concerning the issues about which he cares deeply.

“He knows how the gears turn,” one said. “He could bring real reform.”

Do you think Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would make a good president? You can learn more about him at

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