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NIH-Funded DARPA Program Uses Injectable Nanotechnology to Connect the Brain to the Digital World

We’ve really been seeing our Federal Government and Big Tech making the big push to implement transhumanism, ultimately creating hybrid humans and machines that they can control by connecting us to the internet. Joe Biden’s recent executive order brought this out from the shadows. Now it’s full steam ahead!

Karen Kingston, my co-host on the Freedom First TV show In The Foxhole, revealed a DARPA program that is funded by the NIH that seeks to inject nanotechnology into humans that would allow “data-transfer bandwidth between the brain and the Digital world.” As Mark Zuckerberg put it on The Joe Rogan Experience, they see full reality as only being experienced when the physical and digital worlds are combined.

Here’s Kingston’s post explaining this extremely concerning program:

What is the BRAIN initiative that the NIH just gave another $2.4B to? The BRAIN initiative is a DARPA (neuroweapons) program that uses nanotechnology to provide a synthetic neural network inside the human nervous system. The nanotechnology can be delivered through an injection and is capable of receiving information and instructions through high-bandwidth signals (optics). Check out the BRAIN Initiative screenshots I took from DARPA’s website.

You can also see the original budget from the 2016 CURES Act. They blew through that money fast!

What is the NIH doing funding this type of work? How is this not a direct violation of our Constitutional Right to Privacy. The Left uses the right to privacy to justify murdering babies, but sees absolutely no problem literally invading your brain and being able to literally read your mind.

This is our government completely out of control. We always warn that they are seeking more and more power… this will be a step towards ultimate control. Think about it: If they can access your brain, what can’t they do? Will this program allow them to change your memories like Elon Musk is working on, control your thoughts like Yuval Noah Harari says they can… or simply read your mind and know your every thought.

This is something you’d see in a sci-fi movie that you never think we’d have to live through. But, alas, this is real life.

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