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More Than 30 Christian Employees FIRED by San Diego’s Community College System for Refusing the Jab

San Diego’s community college system has fired over two dozen Christian employees for refusing to take the experimental and dangerous Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

This decision to conduct a mass layoff of unvaccinated employees comes as the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) fired three employees from their positions on Jan. 19 after repeatedly refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The dismissed individuals all had accepted religious exemptions. Several weeks after, the SDCCD announced that it was firing three more unvaccinated staff members.

SDCCD remains the only college system in California to still have a policy in place to fire employees for refusing COVID-19 vaccines due to their religious convictions. (Related: OBEY: University of California announces flu vaccine mandate for all campuses.)

“I am one of at least 30 Christian employees at SDCCD that have been purposely targeted for termination, even now, for not accepting to take a fetus cell-tainted injection,” wrote mathematics professor Carlos De La Lama in an email to Life Site News.

The SDCCD initially had a fairly open policy regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. It had a mandate, but people with medical conditions and sincerely held religious beliefs would be granted exemptions.

But the situation changed following pressure from the local chapter of the American Federation of Teachers union, who claimed that the lack of a properly enforced COVID-19 vaccine mandate affected the health of their members.

De La Lama, who has worked for the SDCC for over three years, including 26 years as department chair, noted that all employees who had previously received exemptions had to reapply with “a whole new level of scrutiny and criteria.”

Joanna Aud, one of the first employees terminated on Jan. 19, said in an interview that her primary job was to prepare classes alone in a lab. Despite this, she was still denied a religious accommodation.

“Students are not required to be vaccinated,” said Aud. “So, as a student, I could actually enroll in a class that typically I would prep. I could be in that class as a student [in] a full classroom [with] no problem. But I have been denied an accommodation to actually prep that class alone in an empty classroom. Somehow, that’s an undue hardship [for the SDCCD].”

Christians being targeted for refusal to get vaccinated

Amy Reichert, a member of anti-COVID-19 mandate lobbying group ReOpen San Diego, noted that the SDCCD’s decision is “immoral, anti-American and anti-science.” In an interview, she noted that the college’s decision is an attack against Christians.

“To be honest with you, [I think] it’s an attack on Christians,” she added. “I know that sounds like a lot, but the people that got fired … are people who are immigrants, people who are Latino” and others who are Black. Because of the lack of a possible political or racialized pattern to the firings, the only remaining possibility suggests that this is an anti-Christian campaign.

Six more devoutly Christian employees who have refused COVID-19 vaccinations are slated to be terminated following the upcoming meeting of the SDCCD board of trustees on March 2. If the SDCCD proceeds with these targeted mass terminations, Reichert warned that ReOpen San Diego is going to take the college to court.

“Stand down. Reverse course. You’re hurting and you’re harming your own employees,” she said. “You’re violating their civil rights… A legal freight train is coming your way. You will not do this to your employees.”

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This article was written Arsenio Toledo and originally posted on Natural News.

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25 feb 2023

People dying everywhere in the world from the poison jab and this so-called institution of higher learning is doing the Totalitarian thing.

Sue the hell out of them.

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Michael Dowd
Michael Dowd
25 feb 2023

Read Turtles All the Way Down and The Nuremburg Code. Anyone who takes the jab today is nuts and any organization that requires an employee to take the jab is criminal.

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Mark Gruber
Mark Gruber
25 feb 2023

Pockets of CA are in a time warp. By February od 2023 the mandate narrative has collapsed. Of course, it may be that they're in a warp of the opposite kind; and they are expressing the ethos of a future totalitarian Military Industrial Pharma State.

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