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Mindy Robinson Exposes Damning Evidence Showing the Feds' Corruption in the Bundy Ranch Scandal

Mindy Robinson is one of the best investigative journalists in America. If you aren't following her on Twitter, you should be. She has a phenomenal documentary that proves we've been lied to about the Las Vegas shooting in her documentary Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up.

She recently posted a thread on Twitter taking a look at the Bundy Ranch scandal, again revealing that what we've been told by the Mainstream Media and the government is simply not true.

If you’re not familiar with the Bundy Ranch scandal, it’s when BLM (Bureau of Land Management, not the other one) tried stealing the family’s cattle through corruption, lies, perjury, and the destruction of evidence that would have exonerated all of them. Now even more damning information has come to light about the corrupt federal government’s involvement:

• BLM also shredded documents and withheld texts and emails that made officers look unprofessional.

• They omitted evidence during the trial that proved the innocence of the Bundy family and their supporters during the “standoff” where citizens gathered to prevent BLM from seizing, slaughtering, and selling off their cattle.

• Dan Love the former special agent-in-charge of the cattle roundup was accused of intentionally ignoring direction from the U.S. Attorney's Office and his superiors “in order to command the most intrusive, oppressive, large scale and militaristic trespass cattle impound possible.”

• Agent Dan Love also kept a “Kill Book” as a trophy where he bragged about getting 3 individuals in Utah to commit suicide following a similar joint FBI-BLM bullshit investigation into them.

• This same lovely agent Dan Love was also caught calling the Bundy’s "retards, rednecks, and douche bags” and sent photographs of his own feces and his girlfriend's vagina to coworkers and subordinates.

• Despite all this, agent Dan Love after bragging that he was “untouchable” was promoted instead of fired…because that’s how worthless and corrupt federal government agencies have become.

• Meanwhile, the whistleblower on all this was “let go” for using a work vehicle off duty…despite Agent Love getting caught ordering evidence against him.

• Also worth noting, the same corrupt sheriff Joe Lombardo that was behind the Las Vegas Shooting cover up for the FBI, also lied on the stand about being threatened by the Bundy’s and their supporters, despite video evidence proving otherwise. Lombardo would go on to “win” Governor of Nevada despite being hated by members of his own party, and suspiciously being fully funded by casinos and dark money groups while getting booed everywhere.

• New documents also reveal that warrantless “military style” surveillance operations and “social media misinformation campaigns” were conducted by the Federal Government against U.S. Citizens in attempt to falsely entrap them.

• The Idaho Tribune has also obtained corroborating documents and photographs mention not only these unconstitutional“misinformation campaigns,” but also the kidnap and killing of Cliven Bundy’s cattle.

Gee, anyone else think it’s about time to reel in this out of control, corrupt goddamn government and their agency goons that do their bidding, or what?

There’s actually worse shit but those records are still sealed if you can imagine.

Sounds like it’s time to do another expose video soon… 🧐

At this point, we all need to understand that the Powers-That-Be have been suppressing the truth, both through censorship and the pushing of propaganda. Now it's time to expose this corruption for all to see.

One of the ways we can do that is to take our voice back and create alternatives to the government controlled media and tech companies. One social media platform that will be launching soon is called pickax, which will protect free speech and never succumb to pressure from Big Tech or Big Government to censor Constitutionally protected free speech so that stories like this can never be suppressed again. Sign up today at

Another great resource is Jeff Dornik's upcoming book Following the Leader, which details how the intelligence agencies have been using cult leaders like Jim Jones and Charles Manson to test their brainwashing techniques that they are now implementing among the masses. Pre-order the book today and get a signed copy once it's released!



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