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Mike Lindell: My Plan to Save Our Elections Will Blow You Away!

Hello from Mike Lindell,

On August 16th and 17th, the Lindell Legal Offense Fund is hosting an event like we have never seen before in history! THE PLAN IS HERE!

Costing more than $3 million, we are bringing together representation from ALL 50 states! We are here to fix our election platforms and ensure those who legitimately win take office- THE PLAN WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!!!

Everyone, whether you are a Republican, Democrat, liberal, or conservative, will embrace the plan we are ready to announce. This plan has been worked on for over a year and will be revealed to the world at the Election Summit.

This event will be streamed in 90 different languages around the world from! You want to be with us, tuning in as we are bringing together the greatest minds in election cyber security and fair election laws, to protect our sacred right to vote.

I wasn’t given this platform for personal gain. I didn’t survive drug addiction and multiple brushes to quit now! God gave me this platform for SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

We want to end machine-based voting and promote same-day paper ballots in all 50 states. Please if you are so inclined, become a monthly financial supporter of the Lindell Legal Offense Fund. We must take action now to ensure honest and fair elections.

God Bless,

Mike Lindell

The Lindell Legal Offense Fund

Do not wait another second to register for Mike Lindell's live-stream event called The Plan: Revealed. During this event, he's going to exactly that... reveal his plan to fix the elections so they are always clean and fair. August 16th and 17th you won't want to be doing anything else but watching this live-stream.

To watch you MUST pre-register... the nice thing is that it is absolutely FREE! Use promo code FFN when you register to not only get access to this event for FREE, but also receive a FREE gift from Mr Lindell himself. That's a lot of FREE going on! Click here to register.



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