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Mass Exodus of Democrats Fleeing US House of Representatives Continues

Ted Deutch announced that he would become the 31st Democrat to retire from the U.S. House of Representatives before what many are predicting will be a red wave during the 2022 Mid-terms unlike anything we’ve seen in recent political history.

As a member of Congress, he sponsored a bill that would have banned “assault weapons” after the Parkland Shooting, proving that he’s the typical Democrat that despises the Second Amendment. As we all know, taking advantage of a tragedy to further destroy America and strip us of our God-given Constitutional Rights is standard procedure for Democrats.

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But what’s going on with the 31 Democrats who have announced that they are leaving Congress? We can interpret this in one of a couple ways.

For many Republicans, they are claiming these Dems see the writing on the wall: They’ve become too tyrannical for the American people with their covid-19 restrictions and the stripping away of our Constitutional Rights. Because of this, many Americans are becoming red-pilled and will turn out in droves to vote them out of office.

Other Conservatives push the theory that they see a different writing on the wall: The comeback of President Donald J Trump. As states like Arizona and Wisconsin are making headway in decertifying their electoral votes, many are claiming that these Democrats want out of office before the hammer falls and they are exposed for stealing the 2020 Election from Trump and implementing their own insurrection.

Either way you look at it, the 2022 Mid-terms are not expected to be good for the Democrats. I’m praying the Red Wave really happens and we take control of the House and Senate. The really important thing that we must ensure, however, is that we replace these fleeing Democrats with true principled Constitutional conservatives. If we simply replace them with Establishment RINOs, we’ll see more business-as-usual from our Republican leadership and watch our nation continue to crumble before our eyes.

You can check out Deutch's announcement here.

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